Crepe Bar}The Crepes


Having a crepe bar for the bridal shower I hosted last Saturday was so much fun.  It was fun, pretty and delicious.  The perfect combination for a party. I love crepes and fell even more in love with them after my visit to Paris last summer where I ate as many as I could.  I loved watching the crepe makers on the street do their thing! They made it look so easy with their super cool big crepe makers and their smooth wrist action. I decided I needed to learn [Continue Reading…]

French Crepes}the real thing


Of course one of the top things on my “What to do while in Paris” list was to eat a real French crepe. Well, that wasn’t too hard.  In fact, I ate numerous French crepes.  There are crepe stands on every corner.  As we made our way over to Notre Dame we decided we needed a little snack so we picked up a crepe. It was so fun to watch the crepe maker and he loved having his picture taken.  We chose a Nutella and banana crepe (I picked the [Continue Reading…]