Overnight Waffles

Overnight Yeast Waffles

I was recently asked to contribute a recipe to a cookbook that was focused on favorite family recipes.  Recipes that were part of your family traditions.  So I texted my kids to ask them what were some of their favorite recipes from home.  They each sent me a list but there was a common denominator on everyone’s list – Overnight Waffles.  It may just be our family’s all time favorite recipe of all recipes These waffles are also a very important part of our family’s birthday traditions. I thought as [Continue Reading…]

Week at the Beach – 2013

Manzanita Oregon

Last week was our annual Week at the Beach.  We are blessed to be able to own a home on the Oregon Coast in a little, quaint beach town called Manzanita.  It is our own little piece of heaven. Each summer we are able to spend an entire week there.  It is a week that our family looks forward to all year long.  We spend weekends down there during the year but this is the only time we spend a whole week.  We do rent the house a lot during [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Girl and Graduation Quilt

cali grad

Note:In case you missed it  I have a great giveaway going that also donates money to help plant more trees. Please enter the giveaway – every entry donates a $1.00 to plant a new tree! Last week was a whirlwind!  Our daughter Cali graduated from Brigham Young University with her Bachelor’s of Art!  How is it possible that I now have three children who have graduated from college.  We couldn’t be more proud. Cali is going to be an amazing theater education teacher.  There is some lucky high school or [Continue Reading…]

Week at the Beach

week at the beach

Each summer we enjoy our “Week at the Beach.” We are blessed to own a second home on the Oregon Coast.  The house is rented out the majority of the time but each summer we enjoy a “week at the beach.”  This has become a very special, treasured and highly anticipated family time.  Sometimes it is just our family but more often then not we love sharing that week with our extended family and friends. The beach is a magical place where we can just be together and enjoy each [Continue Reading…]

Choose Joy 2011


Today I wanted to share with your our family Christmas card. I guess I better call it our family New Year’s card because it actually hasn’t gone out in the mail yet. We have discovered, now that our children are older, that the times when all six of us are home, under one roof are getting fewer and fewer.  Add into that the holidays and a photographer’s schedule and you end up getting your Christmas card picture taken after Christmas and you end up with a New Year’s card! None [Continue Reading…]

Happy Mother’s Day – a day late!


I know I’m late but I still wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you mothers and mothers to be out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I have to be perfectly honest. Mother’s Day is not my favorite holiday. It is one of those holidays where you have such wonderful expectations. The children are going to get up, fix you breakfast in bed. They won’t argue or quarrel all day long. Your husband will fix you an amazing gourmet meal and all will be well with the world. [Continue Reading…]

The Birthday Boy!


Today my oldest child turns 26 – yes 26!!!  I know it is hard to believe I could possibly be old enough to have a child that old, but I am! Happy Birthday Logan! One of the most amazing parts of being a parent is watching your children turn into the people they are suppose to be.  Watching Logan turn into the person he is suppose to be has been a pleasure, a blessing and exciting adventure! Logan is a man but he will always be my little boy. He [Continue Reading…]

Provo Adventures


Note:  This post is mainly for my Provo, Utah Valley friends and readers but you may all enjoy taking a look at all the good eating I did this weekend! I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend this past week with these three pretty amazing people!  Thanks to Wynn and Emily for letting me stay with them. I miss those faces so much!!  I flew to Provo so that I could attend Cali’s dance performance.  She was in the Faculty Choreography Show. My kids love it when mom [Continue Reading…]

Sweet Sixteen


My baby turns sixteen today! Is that really possible?  It just seems like yesterday I was wishing her a Happy Fifteenth here on the blog! Turning sixteen is kind of a big deal at our house.  Of course you can drive when are sixteen – except that Tessa hasn’t had her permit long enough so it will be a few months until that happens. The other big deal is that Tessa  has reached official dating age!  Yikes!  I think she is grateful that her two older brothers aren’t living at home [Continue Reading…]