The Best Guacamole Recipe!

This guacamole recipe is the best.  The right flavor and the right texture! I have become a recent guacamole convert. You have probably already guessed but it is definitely a texture issue for me. With all my fajita experimenting lately I have tried out a few guacamole recipes too and have discovered that fresh guacamole is quite nice.  It is also easy to make.  The hardest part seems to be finding the avocados that are just right – not too hard and hot too soft. Guacamole doesn’t have too many [Continue Reading…]

New Year’s Eve Appetizers

New Years Eve Appetizers

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend with your family.  We did and to be honest I am having a hard time getting back in a blogging routine after my little holiday break.  It is fun having my house full again but it sure is distracting! But we must get ready for New Year’s.  Today I wanted to give you a list of some of my favorite New Year’s Eve appetizers that would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration or just for football watching on New Year’s [Continue Reading…]