Pretzel Rolls

Pretzel Rolls

I am a big fan of bread.  I also love a big soft pretzel like they sell in the mall. So I decided, why not combine the two into a pretzel rolls recipe.  There is a restaurant in Portland that has amazing soft pretzels that come with a yummy cheese dip.  I thought that I would just add the cheese into the pretzel rolls and see what happened.   Three of my favorite things – bread, pretzels and cheese all in one. Although these rolls are more bread than pretzel the [Continue Reading…]

Butter Rolls

Butter Rolls

  So how are your Easter menu plans shaping up?  We’ve been invited to some friends for dinner and when we were discussing the menu I told her I would bring the rolls.  She said we didn’t really need rolls.  I tried not to gasp into the phone.  Not need rolls?  Having Easter dinner without rolls at our house is almost against our religion. Traditionally, my mom is the roll maker at our house and in fact, if you asked her friends what one recipe my mom is most known [Continue Reading…]

Crescent Rolls


I was beginning to think that this post was just not meant to be. Last Sunday I made up a batch of rolls.  They turned out perfect.  They tasted wonderful and they looked beautiful.  They raised  perfectly and were golden brown.  The photos were lovely. Then I got a little over zealous with my camera.  I not only deleted the photos, I totally erased my memory card before I downloaded the pictures.  I was so sad. But it was a great excuse to make another batch of rolls.  They tasted [Continue Reading…]

Herbed Cheese Rolls – 30 Minute Rolls


Note:  I just found out I am in the Top Three for the Most Awesome Local Blog in Portland.  If you haven’t voted yet would please vote, pretty please!  Just click on over here and then come back and read my yummy post.  You can vote once using each email address in your household.  Thanks! Several weeks ago I shared with you a recipe for 30 Minute Rolls.  I have heard back from so many of you who have tried them and loved them.  For some of you it was [Continue Reading…]

Magleby’s Rolls

Magleby's Rolls

Today’s recipe is a repeat here on the blog. But I promise you will thank me for it. This recipe was one of the very first recipes I posted here on the blog – back in October of 2007, one month after I started my blog.  The recipe is somewhat lost at the end of a soup recipe (a yummy one) and the photos aren’t very good so if you never saw it I’m not surprised. This recipe is a copycat recipe for Magleby’s Rolls that they  make at a [Continue Reading…]