Proscuitto, Blackberry & Basil Pizza

Proscuitto, Blackberry and Basil Pizza

I make a lot of trips to Utah.  My two daughters are there and a lot of Jim’s family is too so I love making trips there to participate in family events since we don’t have any close extended family nearby. One of my goals for each of my trips to Utah is to find a new restaurant to try in the Provo/Salt Lake City area.  I had seen some pictures on several of my Utah friend’s Instagram accounts of pizza. I am a huge pizza fan so I knew [Continue Reading…]

30+ Easy, Delicious, Family Friendly, Slow Cooker Meals

slow cooker meals

Enjoy over 30 easy, delicious, family friendly slow cooker meals.  There is something for everyone! One of my goals for 2015 is to be better about meal planning and to use my slow cooker more.  I love using my slow cooker.  There is nothing better than coming home from a busy, crazy day and walking into the house and smelling dinner cooking away in the slow cooker!  All I have to do is dish it up!  Every time I use my slow cooker my first thoughts are, “why don’t I [Continue Reading…]

Impossibly Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies

Impossibly Easy Mini Chesseburger Pies

It’s that time of year – the holidays. Halloween officially marks the opening of holiday season and life just seems to get crazy for the next two months. One thing that can suffer during that time is dinner time. Not just finding time to eat together but finding time to even cook dinner. I love to have some go to dinners that can be made ahead of time so that when I know I’m going to have a super crazy day I can prepare dinner the night before. Today’s recipe [Continue Reading…]

Baked Spaghetti

Baked Spaghetti

Spaghetti – it is one of my favorite childhood food memories.  It was one of my mom’s go to meals when we were growing up,  spaghetti and these awesome enchiladas!    Both of these recipes are pure comfort food to me. Today’s recipe is a fun twist on my favorite homemade Spaghetti and Meat Sauce. Johnsonville put a challenge out to take a favorite recipe that usually calls for hamburger and to substitute sausage. I immediately knew mine had to be spaghetti.  So not only did I change up the [Continue Reading…]

Sweet & Tangy Marinated Grilled Chicken

Sweet and Tangy Marinated Chicken

Sweet & Tangy and Quick & Easy! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Today’s recipe is one we made a lot this summer and if you are looking for something easy to make for dinner this weekend today’s recipe is it! Sweet & Tangy Marinated Grilled Chicken can be made with chicken thighs or chicken breats, whichever you prefer. I really like to grill chicken thighs because they are so much more moist than a chicken breast.  The marinade is a combination of honey, soy sauce, greek yogurt and [Continue Reading…]

What’s for Dinner?}Meal Plan #28

Meal Plan 28

  This weekend I am in Miami attending Blogher Food.  If you’d like to follow along be sure and follow me on Instagram.  I’ll be back next week with more details and photos! Here’s this week’s Meal Plan to make your meal planning adventure easier!  I’ve got a couple of meals for the grill, one for the crock pot and a main dish salad for you. Monday: We’ll start the week out with Cashew Sesame Chicken.   It’s delicious and it’s gluten free!  Serve over rice with a  Perfect Summer Salad. [Continue Reading…]

What’s for Dinner}Meal Plan #27

Meal Plan #27

This week’s Meal Plan is a day early.  Tomorrow, Saturday, is the 10th of the month which means it is our Monthly 10 Creative Blogs Blog Hop.  We have a fun theme planned for you this month so be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out. You can get a head start on next week’s Meal Plan with today’s post!   Monday:   Really Good Noodles & Chicken uses it’s description as it’s name.  It is really good! This recipe was shared with me by a blog reader and [Continue Reading…]

What’s For Dinner}Weekly Meal Plan #26

Meal Plan 26

What Leigh Anne’s Loving: I am a makeup girl.  I pretty much wear makeup every day and I like some coverage.  But because I work from home there are some days where I don’t leave the house and I have decided a full face of makeup isn’t really necessary but I still like something on my skin.  I don’t like to scare myself when I look in the mirror!  I have found the perfect solution – Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream.  It is a moisturizer but also contains color and it has [Continue Reading…]

What’s For Dinner}Weekly Meal Plan #24

meal plan 24

Be sure and check out the THREE giveaways going on right now on the blog. Chinet Gift Pack and $100.00 Visa Card   –  Ninja Power Blender  – $500.00 Michaels Gift Card. What Leigh Anne’s Loving: One of the things I wished I had done earlier was take better care of my skin.  As a teenager and even in my 20’s and 30’s I would go to bed without washing my face.  It wasn’t until I hit 40 that I started taking this skin thing seriously.  I am lucky that as [Continue Reading…]