Zucchini Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting


Never say never. In my brown sugar cupcake post I told you that I had promised Cali there would be no more cupcakes this summer – well I lied!  I will admit, after all that wedding cupcake baking we did get a little burned out on cupcakes at our house. But when a friend shared her CSA box with us and it was full of zucchini and two of you shared the same zucchini cupcake recipe with me I knew I had to go back on my word. I also needed [Continue Reading…]

Brown Sugar Cupcakes

brown sugar

Today’s cupcake post is the last one for a while. I promised Cali I wouldn’t make any more cupcakes the rest of the summer. Well, we’ll see. I have several more recipes in my files that some of you have given me as well as a few other friends and I am anxious to try them. Today’s recipe is for Brown Sugar Cupcakes. This recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. While it certainly wasn’t the prettiest cupcake at the wedding reception I do think it was my personal favorite. I [Continue Reading…]

Cake Pop Surprise

cake pop

Just a quick post today while I recover from my 1,600 mile road trip. We just returned from our drive to and from Utah for Logan’s college graduation. We brought back two of the college students home with us – yeah! I’ll share a little about graduation tomorrow after I get a little sleep and get the two college students moved back in! I wanted to share with you a darling little gift I found waiting for me last week after I was gone for the weekend with girlfriends. My [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Cake Balls

lemon cake balls

As an avid reader of Pioneer Woman and Bakerella I have been seeing a lot about cake balls lately.  Even my friend Sherra was telling me about them. So when I had to take dessert to my Crafty Ladies night I decided I needed to give them a try.  Cake balls can be made with any flavor of cake mix so guess which flavor I used?   You guessed it – lemon!  Pioneer Woman made some fun Halloween ones using Red Velvet cake.  Bakerella made the cutest little Easter cake pops I have ever [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Sour Cream Pie

Lemon SOur cream Pie

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. We enjoyed the day at church and then dinner with friends.  There was so much yummy food.   I am excited to share some of the great new recipes with you in the next few weeks – after a few more lemon recipes! Easter and lemon just go together at our house.  Easter dinner would not be complete with out some type of lemon dessert.  In the past we have enjoyed Lemon Angel Pie and  Marilyn’s Lemon Curd and Ice Cream Pie. I [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

chocolate chip

It looks like my rebuilt laptop will be returning home from the computer hospital soon!  In the mean time I am taking advantage of the intermittent Internet connection I get on my old, tired desktop to get a post up! My favorite dessert of all times is a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!  Some restaurants call it a Pizookie.  I first had one years ago with some girlfriends in Laguna Beach and have never forgotten the life changing experience. Today’s recipe is [Continue Reading…]

Dulce de Leche and Apples


Last week I was talking with my good friend Deb who lives in Michigan.  Deb is an amazing cook.  She was having dinner guests that evening and was describing the menu to me – if Deb was making it I knew it would be good.  So of course I asked for the recipes. My parents were coming for dinner last Sunday so it was the perfect opportunity to try out one of Deb’s recipes – Dulce de Leche and Apples. I am a big dulce de leche fan since our [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday to Me! Caramel Cake

carmel cake

Today is my birthday! I’m not telling you how old I am but I will give you a hint – next year is a very BIG birthday for me!!! Here I am on my first birthday – aren’t I a cutie! One thing I learned, years ago, to assure a happy birthday is to just ask for what you want.  Don’t let people guess!  So what do I want for my birthday?  Like all good bloggers I love comments and blog subscribers.  In fact, two of my goals for 2009 are [Continue Reading…]

Ice Cream Pie

ice cream pie

I’m spending today getting ready for our annual Soup’s On New Year’s Eve Party.  I’ve lost count of how many years we have been doing it. I cook up 3-4 big pots of soup, a few appetizers and desserts.  Our guests also bring an appetizer or dessert to share so there is always LOTS of food!   I’ll share more details on the food on Friday. I love starting the new year with good friends, good food and some fun! Some friends just stop in for a bowl of soup and then [Continue Reading…]