Raspbery Cream Cupcakes

Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

  I first made today’s recipe a few years ago for a woman’s event at church.  We made about 200 of these little pretties. I had actually almost forgotten about them until I decided to clean out my massive recipe collection (pile) last week and I found it.  I knew immediately that they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I also decided to make them for my YHM101 Class I held this week at my home.  The women loved them and I promised the recipe! The recipes uses a cake [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Peppermint Ganache Cupcakes


When I was planning the menu for the bridal shower I hosted last week I knew there had to be at least one chocolate item on the menu.  How can you have a party for a bunch of women and not have chocolate? Since it is the holidays I thought it would be nice if it also had a holiday touch to it.  What says Christmas better than peppermint?   Chocolate and peppermint is a near perfect combination.  That’s why I keep a bag of Candy Cane Hershey Kisses stashed in [Continue Reading...]

Oreo Cupcakes


I have so many wonderful new recipes to share with you from my Mummies Night Out I don’t know where to start. I decided to start with dessert – you know the saying – “Life’s short, eat dessert first!” I did three different desserts for the party so of course one of them had to be chocolate.  You can not have a party for all women and not have at least one chocolate dessert. My son Clark has a friend who recently started a blog.  She is a girl after [Continue Reading...]

Freezing Cupcakes


I get a lot of questions from people about freezing cupcakes.  Is it possible?  Do they taste as good afterwords? I hear this a lot from those who are planning big events like weddings etc.  It’s always nice to get as much work done ahead of time as possible. Today I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and I came across this great post on freezing cupcakes. They actually recommend freezing the batter!  I have never done this but they suggest three different ways to do it.  I’m [Continue Reading...]

Cupcake Tutorial


My friends Kris and Kim of You Can Make This have started a fun new project.  The DIY Dish is an amazing new video blog where Kris and Kim share lots of fun and creative projects. I was so excited when they contacted me last week and invited me to participate in a project with them. Today you are going to get to view my very first video blog post!!  Kris and Kim asked me to put a video together to share with you and their readers some of my [Continue Reading...]

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet upcakes

It’s been a while since I shared a cupcake recipe with you – I was starting to get the shakes! You are probably seeing a lot of Red Velvet around the blogosphere this week in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Can you think of a more perfect cake/cupcake to celebrate the holiday of love?! I actually made these cupcakes months ago.  I was asked to teach a cupcake class for some of the young women at church and when I asked them what kind of cupcake they would like to make [Continue Reading...]

Candy Corn Cupcakes


Are you getting tired of me telling you how much I love candy corn yet?  It really isn’t even so much the taste of candy corn – athough I do love that too but it’s just that candy corn is so cute! I have been waiting to share today’s recipe with you for a year now!  I found this idea last Halloween over at  Our Sweet Life. I printed it off and stuck it in my Candy Corn File – yes I have a file just for candy corn ideas! [Continue Reading...]

Spice Cupcakes with Maple Frosting


I have developed quite an attraction to anything maple.  My most recent addiction, thanks to my friend Sherra, has been the Maple Leaf Cookie from Trader Joe’s.  Can I just say YUM!!!  If you like maple you are going to love these cookies! Knowing my growing attraction to anything maple and cupcakes, Sherra sent me a recipe for Nutmeg Cupcakes with Maple Brown Sugar Buttercream.  I have been trying to make them for the last week and finally got to it yesterday. I made a few changes to the recipe [Continue Reading...]