Triple Berry Cream Cheese Crepes

Triple Berry Cream Cheese Crepes

Last week I hosted book club at my home which means I am in charge of serving refreshments after our book discussion. I loved the book we read this month.  In fact, I think it may be my favorite book I have read so far this year.  We read the book Swan House by Elizabeth Musser.  The person who presented the book had actually purchased the book in the gift shop of the Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia.  The house is a real place but the story is fiction based [Continue Reading…]

Things to Do in Paris – Part 1

Things to do in Paris

I love Paris.  I love everything about Paris.  The buildings, the food, the language  and the whole feel of the place.  And despite popular belief I have not found the French people to be overly rude.  They don’t smile a lot but I only encountered one “rude” French man, a surly security guard, while we were there. We spent four days in Paris and the surrounding area. Today’s post covers our first day.  We move quick and fast! After our first day in  London we took the Eurostar over to [Continue Reading…]

Crepe Bar}Crepe Filling – White Chocolate Mousse and Cream Cheese Mousse


Everyone knows that the best part of a crepe is what is inside. Crepes can be savory or sweet.  For the bridal shower we went for the sweet version.  My favorite! Usually when we make crepes we go for the fast and easy version.  A can of whip cream (the kind you spray out of the can, so fun!), berries of our choice (strawberries, raspberries).  We just pile it on and enjoy.  Another favorite is also a layer of nutella topped with sliced bananas.  I prefer nutella with strawberries or [Continue Reading…]

Crepe Bar}The Crepes


Having a crepe bar for the bridal shower I hosted last Saturday was so much fun.  It was fun, pretty and delicious.  The perfect combination for a party. I love crepes and fell even more in love with them after my visit to Paris last summer where I ate as many as I could.  I loved watching the crepe makers on the street do their thing! They made it look so easy with their super cool big crepe makers and their smooth wrist action. I decided I needed to learn [Continue Reading…]

Crepe Bar Bridal Shower

Crepe Bar Bridal Shower

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend.  We flew our flag and gave thanks to all the men and women who have served and who are serving our country.  Last week we were able to spend a little  time with our “adopted son” James who just returned from his tour in Afghanistan and are so grateful for his safe return and for his service.  We also drove to Seattle on Monday to see a Mariner’s Game – Jim and his girls.  Safeco Field has great food! One of [Continue Reading…]

French Crepes}the real thing


Of course one of the top things on my “What to do while in Paris” list was to eat a real French crepe. Well, that wasn’t too hard.  In fact, I ate numerous French crepes.  There are crepe stands on every corner.  As we made our way over to Notre Dame we decided we needed a little snack so we picked up a crepe. It was so fun to watch the crepe maker and he loved having his picture taken.  We chose a Nutella and banana crepe (I picked the [Continue Reading…]

Zest Crepes – Beaverton Farmer’s Market


Our favorite Saturday morning activity during the spring/summer is to have breakfast at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market.  We usually enjoy an omelet from the Canby Asparagus Farms but a few weeks ago I noticed a new food booth – Zest Crepes. We couldn’t wait to try it.  I knew I would love the crepes before I even tasted them because the Zest Crepe booth was so cute with a  black and white pendant banner and their cute black and white polka dot caps and great logo t-shirts! Cali and I [Continue Reading…]