Dark Chocolate Cherry Shortbread


I was in the mood for shortbread the other day.  I love shortbread, especially with a nice cup of herbal tea.  It is the perfect dunking cookie.  Since the season of love is upon us I figured heart shaped shortbread was in order.  And I just think things taste better when they are in a cute shape like a heart.  And much more fun to eat. I had picked up a bag of dried cherries at Trader Joes recently so decided to add them into my basic shortbread recipe.  Shortbread [Continue Reading...]

The Perfect Holiday Cookie Plate and Salted Peanut Butter Blossoms

Salted Peanut Butter Blossons

Christmas means cookies and at our house that means our Annual Cookie Baking Day.  What started as a family day of baking cookies together has grown to include neighbors and friends.  This year we will being it Friday, Dec. 20th and I was perfectly serious in yesterday’s post if anyone local wants to stop by to join in, help out and eat a few cookies just email me! I’ve been working on my To Make list for a while and today I thought I’d share with you some tips for putting [Continue Reading...]

25 Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Favorite Christmas Cookies

Have you done your holiday baking yet?  We’re having our Annual Cooking Baking day on the 20th, a little later than normal but wanted to wait until at least one of my girls was home!  Anyone local want to stop by and join in the fun or sample a cookie just let me know!! I’ve been busy making a list of what we will be making and baking that day so I thought I’d share with you a list of 25 of my favorite Christmas cookies I have shared with [Continue Reading...]

Almond Raspberry Shortbread Cookies

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies

Today’s recipe is one of our family’s favorite holiday cookies.  In fact over Thanksgiving Tessa specifically requested we make these almond raspberry shortbread cookies. I have shared them before but when I went back to get the recipe the one poor photo that had been on the post had disappeared so I figured that meant it was do for a redo! This time of year I become addicted to holiday baking magazines- especially the cookie ones.  I am always looking for new holiday cookie recipes.  Well, as soon as I [Continue Reading...]

Orange & Ginger Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle


I am excited to be a part of A Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange. A group of 14 bloggers that are getting together to share some pretty amazing Christmas Cookie recipes.  I’ve got a guest blogger here on the blog today that I am excited to introduce you to her.  Please welcome Martha from A Family Feast! Hello there! I’m Martha, and I blog over at A Family Feast alongside my husband Jack! The holidays are such a fun time of year and one of our favorite family traditions is baking [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Creamy Cookies

Dove Creamy Chocolate Cookies

I think one of my favorite things to make during the holidays are cookies!  I love cookies and there is nothing better than a good chocolate cookie.  In order to have  good chocolate cookies you need good chocolate.  I love Dove PROMISES®. I remember the first time I had them years ago when a friend brought them with her to a girl’s weekend at the beach.  The chocolate was so smooth!  We also had too much fun reading the little “promises” that you find on the inside of each wrapper. [Continue Reading...]

Salted Peanut Butter Blossoms and the Perfect Holiday Cookie Plate

Salted Peanut Butter Blossons

I am over at I Heart Naptime today as part of her Crazy Christmas event.  I am sharing a recipe for the perfect peanut butter blossoms cookie that I have added a special twist to.  I am also giving you tips on how to put together the perfect cookie plate for the holidays. Come on over and visit!  

Lightly Lime Cookies

Lime Cookies @yourhomebasedmom.com

I am a strong advocate of living in the moment.  Enjoying where we are.  Not living in the future or the past. That being said I couldn’t resist trying out some new Christmas cookie recipes this week despite the fact that Thanksgiving is still three weeks away. Each Christmas holiday my girls and I along with other various family members and friends get together for a Cookie Baking Day.  We always try out a few  new recipes plus a list of all our family favorites. I also work hard too [Continue Reading...]

Milky Way Bars}2 ingredients!

Milky Way Bars

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the 10th of the month! Today we will be appealing to your naughtiest sweet tooth, because this month’s blog hop is all about CANDY: candy crafts, candy recipes, candy printables… candy, candy, candy! So, pull up a seat and get ready to have your cravings triggered by 10 original posts, provided by 10 delicious bloggers. Pin your heart out, my friends. 1. ‘Or so she says…‘ sharing White Chocolate Candy Corn Buckeyes 2. Lolly Jane sharing Witch’s Broom Candy Bag and Printable [Continue Reading...]