Chocolate Toffee Bars

Chocolate Toffee Bars

Today’s recipe is what happens when you have a major chocolate/toffee craving over the weekend.  You get Chocolate Toffee Bars on the blog! It was a rainy, gloomy kind of weekend and I didn’t accomplish much of anything which is always a bit frustrating. I started a few projects but didn’t complete any of them and I now have a great big mess in my attempts to get organized.  I  discovered that a sure fire solution to rain, gloom, ineffectiveness, lack of organization and frustration is chocolate and toffee!  I [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Cookies – a Chocolate Overload Cookie!

Chocolate Overload Cookies

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  The day of love and chocolate!  What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate??!!!  Especially chocolate cookies. Today’s recipe is the perfect way to the heart of anyone who loves chocolate cookies.  It is pure Chocolate Overload!  This cookie uses cocoa powder, semi sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.  Triple Chocolate Power! The steps are pretty easy  - add chocolate, add chocolate, add more chocolate! The semi sweet chocolate is melted and added into the butter and sugar mixture.  Then you add the cocoa in with [Continue Reading...]

DIY Chocolate Garnish

DIY Chocolate Garnish

Making your own chocolate garnish for cakes and cupcakes just like you see in the fancy bakeries is easier than you think!  Today I’m going to show you how to use it for Valentines with hearts and the word Love but you can use it for so much more!  Once you have the technique the possibilities are endless!  Here are a few ways that I have used them in the past:  DIY Chocolate Garnish Melt chocolate or chocolate melts in the microwave and spoon into a piping bag with a [Continue Reading...]

Orange & Ginger Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle


I am excited to be a part of A Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange. A group of 14 bloggers that are getting together to share some pretty amazing Christmas Cookie recipes.  I’ve got a guest blogger here on the blog today that I am excited to introduce you to her.  Please welcome Martha from A Family Feast! Hello there! I’m Martha, and I blog over at A Family Feast alongside my husband Jack! The holidays are such a fun time of year and one of our favorite family traditions is baking [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Creamy Cookies

Dove Creamy Chocolate Cookies

I think one of my favorite things to make during the holidays are cookies!  I love cookies and there is nothing better than a good chocolate cookie.  In order to have  good chocolate cookies you need good chocolate.  I love Dove PROMISES®. I remember the first time I had them years ago when a friend brought them with her to a girl’s weekend at the beach.  The chocolate was so smooth!  We also had too much fun reading the little “promises” that you find on the inside of each wrapper. [Continue Reading...]

Witch’s Cauldron Sundae

Chocolate Witchs Cauldron

I love Halloween.  I think I actually enjoy it more now than I did when my children were younger.  It seemed like when they were younger all the time and energy I had to devote to Halloween went towards making and putting together Halloween costumes for my children.  Yes, I was one of those mother’s that always made their children’s costumes.  No store bought costumes here.  I was usually the room mom so all my party planning energy went towards that. Now that I don’t have to make costumes for [Continue Reading...]

Mud Hen Bars

Mud Hen Bars

Today’s recipe is  a Recipe Redo and one I have had in my recipe file for years – it is also in our “Best of the Best Family Recipes” cookbook because it is a keeper. I have no idea why they are called “Mud Hen Bars”.  When I googled the name I discovered there is a Mud Hen, New Jersey so maybe they were first made there.  A Mud Hen Bar is the perfect solution to any chocolate, marshmallow, ooey, gooey craving you may be having.!! It starts with with [Continue Reading...]