Valentine Desserts


Do you celebrate Valentine’s as a couple or a family?  Of course, now that we are empty nesters it is definitely a couple celebration but when we had kids at home I enjoyed creating  special Valentine  and dinner for the whole family. Today I am sharing some of my favorite Valentine Desserts.  They seem to have a common theme – chocolate, berries, pink or red!   What is your preference?  Do you prefer something nice and chocolatey or would you rather have something with berries or maybe a combination. Here are [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Lava Cupcakes

CHocolate Lava Cupcakes

I feel like it has taken  Valentine’s Day forever to get here.  It  may be because I decorated so early this year.  But I’m ready! The kids have gotten their Valentine package, I’ve already delivered sugar cookies to the neighbors and I’ve bought a Valentine for my sweetie.  So with all the extra time I have on my hands I played around with another Valentine’s dessert. Of course it is chocolate.  Can you really have a Valentine dessert without chocolate. One of my favorite chocolate desserts is a chocolate lava [Continue Reading…]