Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with White Chocolate Chips


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are a classic, especially at the holiday time.  Adding white chocolate chips to them makes them extra special! Is your holiday baking done?   Yesterday was our annual Cookie/Candy Making Day. My mom and girls joined in the fun with a couple of neighbors too! One of the cookies I like to make every year but I can never seem to find the recipe for is Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.  For some reason it is not in my binder of favorite recipes and it is not on the blog.  [Continue Reading…]

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Enjoy your hot chocolate in cookie form with hot chocolate cookies

Enjoy your hot chocolate in cookie form with these hot chocolate cookies. Sometimes a girl’s just got to have her chocolate. I was having a major chocolate craving the other day when I came across this recipe twice – I took that as a sign. I was working on my holiday cookie baking list and came across the recipe over at Tasty Kitchen and then I saw that my friend Laura at Real Mom Kitchen had posted them too. How could I not give them a try. Someone was sending [Continue Reading…]