Chipotle Lime Chicken Tacos

Chipotle-Lime Chicken Tacos

Enjoy these flavorful and easy to prepare chipotle lime chicken tacos for dinner this week. We still subscribe to the newspaper.  I know it may soon be a thing of the past but I still like a real newspaper.  There are two main reasons why I subscribe to the newspaper.  One is for the Tuesday FoodDay section  and the other is for the Friday Arts & Entertainment section and their restaurant suggestions.  You see, the newspaper is all about food for me, not news! Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

slow cooker chicken fajitas

These slow cooker chicken fajitas are sure to be a winner! Do you have a little bit of  March Madness happening at your house?  We sure do at our house even though or favorite team (Go BYU Cougars) is out of the running but the men in my family are finding plenty of other teams to cheer for.  At last count, my 8 year old niece had the winning bracket! Whether your team wins or loses though, I’ve been experimenting with some new recipes to share with you and today [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Ginger Chicken

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Ginger Chicken

This month I got together with a group of bloggers to have a little fun and take the Mystery Basket Challenge.  We all contributed ideas to a list of ingredients and then we all made up a recipe using at least 3 of the ingredients on the list.  It’s kind of like that TV show “Chopped.”  Have you seen it? Here is the list of ingredients we had to work with: I am a big fan of chicken thighs so I knew that was one of my ingredients.  I wanted [Continue Reading…]

Penne Rustica

Penne Rustica @yourhomebasedmom

Today’s pasta recipes is one of my favorites.  I first shared it back in April 2008 when my blog was just a baby and my photos were pretty bad. I’ve been making it ever since then. I  make it often because it makes a lot and it is the perfect thing to make when you  need to take dinner to someone who just had a baby or is sick and you want to feed your family too.  The original recipe is enough to feed 3 families!  Today’s revised version is [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Citrus Chicken

slow cooker citrus chicken

This is becoming a habit.  Mondays and slow cooker recipes.  I have found that I love using my slow cooker on Sundays especially.  We have 9:00 am church and are home by noon, or at least I am home by noon.  Because of his calling at church, my husband, can be there most of the day.  I love having dinner waiting in the slow cooker so that when he gets home, dinner is ready and waiting for us.  Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest, right?  Using my [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Stew

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Stew

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Stew is full of flavor and easy to make in the slow cooker Happy Monday! Have you done your meal planning for the week yet? If not, I’m here to help. If you’ve already got it figured out put today’s recipe on the list for next week. This is my 5th slow cooker recipe of 2015. I promised one a week and I’m determined to keep my word. I hope you are enjoying them all. You can check out my 30+ Slow Cooker Recipe post here [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Chicken Chile Verde

slow cooker chicken chili verde

Slow Cooker Chicken Chile  Verde is oh so easy and so delicious! So I am holding true to my promise of more slow cooker recipes for the new year!  This is the second one. I wish I could say I had kept all of my goals for this year for two weeks already! If you missed the first slow cooker recipe of the year be sure and check out these amazing slow cooker Balsamic Short Ribs I posted last week.  Just a hint,  they are delicious served with the Roasted [Continue Reading…]

30 Minute Crispy Chicken

30 Minute Crispy Chicken

Put together a delicious and easy 30 minute dinner with this recipe for Crispy Chicken.   It’s a bit addicting!! A delicious dinner in 30 minutes. Yes, it’s doable with this 30 minute Crispy Chicken. All you need is some chicken, butter, salt and pepper and a cast iron pan.  This recipe really does work better in a cast iron pan so if you don’t have one you should get yourself one.  Here is one I like or you can find them at Goodwill sometimes too.  I actually have 3 [Continue Reading…]

Sweet & Tangy Marinated Grilled Chicken

Sweet and Tangy Marinated Chicken

Sweet & Tangy and Quick & Easy! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Today’s recipe is one we made a lot this summer and if you are looking for something easy to make for dinner this weekend today’s recipe is it! Sweet & Tangy Marinated Grilled Chicken can be made with chicken thighs or chicken breats, whichever you prefer. I really like to grill chicken thighs because they are so much more moist than a chicken breast.  The marinade is a combination of honey, soy sauce, greek yogurt and [Continue Reading…]