Recipe Repeats {Part 1}

Recipe Repeats Pt. 1

In the blogging world, I have been blogging for a long time.  It’s been seven and a half years and over 2,000 posts!  That’s a long time in blog years and a lot of posts. In my early blog years I shared many of our family’s most favorite recipes.  Back then I took horrible photos and usually only had one or maybe two really bad photos per post.  I have been gradually working my way through those old posts and adding new photos but there are still many that need [Continue Reading…]

Celestial Salad

celestial salad

One of our all time favorite salads is Celestial Salad.  We have made it for years and it is always on our Easter menu as well as making frequent appearances on our dinner table on other nights of the year. I especially enjoy this salad in the spring and summer months.  There is just something about a salad with oranges in it that says “Spring” to me! The dressing is very light and the salad is full of yummy things like cucumbers, green onions, celery, and oranges.  I always add [Continue Reading…]