Avalanche Bark

avalanche bark

About a month ago I received a package in the mail.  A package from one of my amazing blog readers, Abby. This package contained something delicious – Avalanche Bark.  I had never heard of Avalanche Bark before but knowing that I was a fellow “bark” lover Abby was sure I would enjoy it too.  She was right. The recipe is a copycat recipe from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I love their caramel apples but have never tried the Avalanche Bark.  But now I don’t have too.  I can make it [Continue Reading...]

Red, White and Blue Cookie Bark

Cookie bark

Yes, I did it.  One more cookie bark. I think I now have a full years worth of holiday cookie barks. I couldn’t let the Fourth of July go by without it’s own version of cookie bark. I love the Fourth of July. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and I have relatives that fought in the Revolution War but I love America!! We usually spend the Fourth of July at the Oregon Coast with a bonfire and s’mores [Continue Reading...]

Bunny Cookie Bark

Bunny Cookie Bark

You’re not surprised are you? You knew I had to do it. I thought my cookie bark days were over but when my neighbor called to let me know there was Easter candy corn at the grocery store I had to do it – I had to make some Bunny Cookie Bark! I actually made two versions of Bunny Cookie Bark. For the first one I used the Golden Double Stuffed Oreos.  I combined that with some Easter M & M’s, vanilla almond bark, pretzels and some green sprinkles. I [Continue Reading...]

Cupid Corn Cookie Bark

Cupid Corn

I am actually writing this post at the Portland airport.  I am on my way to Utah to play mom/nurse to my son Clark who is having ACL repair surgery today.  (He blew out the other knee four years ago so we’ve been through this before) My suitcase has some special treats for those college kids.  There are two containers of freezer jam straight from my freezer, a cute London t-shirt I found at Costco for Cali in honor of her upcoming study abroad in London as well as a [Continue Reading...]

Rocky Road Fudge


Does your family have a favorite holiday treat?  Something that is a must have each holiday season?  The thing that everyone looks forward to and dreams about?! Christmas is not Christmas at our house until there is Rocky Road Fudge. For the last forty years my mother has made Rocky Road Fudge – it’s her holiday speciality. I don’t think I have ever made Rocky Road Fudge, that is my mom’s job!  She does it so well!  I asked her to make a batch this week so I could share [Continue Reading...]

Holiday Food Gifts

Holiday Food Gift Ideas

So what are you giving your friends and neighbors for the holidays this year?  The traditional cookie plate??  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cookie plate (in fact I’ll do a cookie post this week) but sometimes I like something a little different. Today’s post is full of lots of fun non-cookie treat ideas I have shared in the past that cook and wrap up easy for holiday gift giving! Of course there is all that yummy candy/cookie bark I have been sharing this past week. Reindeer Corn Cookie [Continue Reading...]

Cookies and Cream Candy Bark

bark 2

On my second trip to Home Goods this week I found these… …darling brown and white mugs. (Yes, I think I need some type of intervention!) What do my new mugs make you think of? To me they just screamed Cookies and Cream! So they became the inspiration for today’s candy bark recipe – Cookies and Cream Candy Bark! I used a combination of white almond bark (or vanilla melts) and semi sweet chocolate melts.  You could also use milk chocolate. I used 2 cups of each and melted them separately [Continue Reading...]

Lemon Bark

lemon bark

As I mentioned yesterday I am on a little bit of a bark streak!  Candy bark that is.  I love making candy and thanks to my friend April who taught me how to make candy years ago I actually prefer it to making cookies at the holidays.  I am a little picky about my cookies and really think cookies are only worth the calories when they are fresh and warm out of the oven.  Candy, however, is worth the calories all the time – days and weeks later. So I [Continue Reading...]

Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark


Remember that yummy, fun Candy Corn Cookie Bark I made at Halloween???  Well if you don’t, you will want to remember it next Halloween because it is so good! It was so good I decided we needed a Christmas version – thus was born Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark.  Who knew there was Reindeer Corn?  I didn’t until I was perusing the bulk food bins at the grocery store the other day and there it was!  Red, green and white candy corn!  Love it!! I picked up a bag of holiday Oreos [Continue Reading...]