Happy Mail

Happy Mail

Happy Monday! I’ve got a quick, fun little post for you today. I am the mother of college students. I currently have one college sophomore, a college senior (ready to graduate in April), and two in law school and one son who has graduated. I am often asked by people for ideas for care packages for college students. I have shared a few of those ideas here on the blog before – a Trick Or Treat Care Package and a little preparedness College Kid Care Package. I’ve also sent a [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

wc peppermint toffee300

  Yesterday we had our annual candy/cookie making day with my girls, my mom and a few friends and neighbors.  This year it was more of a candy making day than a cookie making day. I love making candy and actually prefer it to cookies.  Candy stores better than cookies.  We made caramels, peppermint white chocolate fudge, rocky road fudge, boston creams, cinnamon white chocolate pretzels, chocolate crinkles, jam diagonals and today’s recipe for White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee. A lot of people are afraid to make candy but really, as [Continue Reading…]

Twelve Delicious Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Leftover Halloween Candy

I remember as a child coming home from Trick or Treating and spreading all my candy out on the living room floor.  My parents would go through it pulling out any unwrapped candy that might be dangerous and then pulling out the candy they knew I didn’t like.  At that time it was anything with nuts or coconut.  Fortunately for them, they liked it.  I would then stash that candy away in my room and enjoy. I have a daughter though that isn’t a big candy eater.  Some years I [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark is as fun to make as it is to eat.  Love the sweet and salty combo. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is deciding what treats I am going to make, especially what treats I am going to be sharing with family and friends. But I have discovered that what is even more fun than deciding and making the treats is packaging them up nice and cute. It’s all in the presentation (of course it helps if they taste good too!) But seriously, when [Continue Reading…]

S’more Caramel Corn

S'more Caramel Corn

Summer has finaly arrived here in the Pacific Northwest  and it seems like the flavor of the summer this year is s’more. I have seen s’more recipes popping up all over the blogosphere. Every imaginable s’more flavored treat you can imagine. S’mores and summer do just seem to go together. One of our favorite summer time activities is making s’mores over the firepit in our backyard but now you don’t need to wait for a fire to enjoy the yumminess of a s’more! I decided to turn one of my [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

Peppermint  FUdge

  Because I love you guys so much and because I can’t stop eating the stuff you get a bonus post today.  Two posts in one day – two days before Christmas!  Merry Christmas to you!!! My neighbor Debbie brought this recipe to our cookie baking day yesterday.  Not only is it pretty in pink it is delicious.  I like fudge but I LOVE this fudge. Debbie found the recipe at a blog I wasn’t familiar with,  Making Memories…One Fun Thing After Another and it turns out Erin, the blogger, [Continue Reading…]

Avalanche Bark

Avalanche  Bark

Avalanche Bark just like they make at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! About a month ago I received a package in the mail.  A package from one of my amazing blog readers, Abby. This package contained something delicious – Avalanche Bark.  I had never heard of Avalanche Bark before but knowing that I was a fellow “bark” lover Abby was sure I would enjoy it too.  She was right. The recipe is a copycat recipe from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I love their caramel apples but have never tried the Avalanche [Continue Reading…]

Red, White and Blue Cookie Bark

Cookie bark

Yes, I did it.  One more cookie bark. I think I now have a full years worth of holiday cookie barks. I couldn’t let the Fourth of July go by without it’s own version of cookie bark. I love the Fourth of July. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and I have relatives that fought in the Revolution War but I love America!! We usually spend the Fourth of July at the Oregon Coast with a bonfire and s’mores [Continue Reading…]

Bunny Cookie Bark

Bunny Cookie Bark

You’re not surprised are you? You knew I had to do it. I thought my cookie bark days were over but when my neighbor called to let me know there was Easter candy corn at the grocery store I had to do it – I had to make some Bunny Cookie Bark! I actually made two versions of Bunny Cookie Bark. For the first one I used the Golden Double Stuffed Oreos.  I combined that with some Easter M & M’s, vanilla almond bark, pretzels and some green sprinkles. I [Continue Reading…]