Margherita Calzone

corrected Margherita Calzone

If you are like me for about a week after a big holiday the idea of cooking or eating are the last things on my mind.  This year I got off pretty easy for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were in Utah with our kids and the Wilkes family and my sister in law hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone pitched in and we had a delicious meal.  I love it when there are lots of helping hands. I was in charge of the pies and since I was coming from out of town [Continue Reading…]

Cowboy Calzones

Cowboy Calzones are quick and easy and great for leftovers!

Calzones are the perfect meal on the go. They are a great way to use leftovers too. Cowboys may like calzone because they are quick and easy to eat on the run but so do us civilian folk , especially busy civilian folk!! A calzone is like a pizza pocket or turnover.  In Italian it actually means “stocking” or “trouser”.  Not really sure how it resembles a stocking or trouser but oh well! The great thing about calzone is they can be eaten out of hand or with a knife [Continue Reading…]