Creamy Cole Slaw

creamy cole slaw

I am a cole slaw convert. It’s not that I disliked cole slaw.  I just tended to ignore it.  Whenever it made an appearance at a picnic or a potluck I just passed it by thinking – cabbage, it’s a bowl full of cabbage!  Cole slaw also always brought to mind those big glass deli cases with large bowls of food that has been in there for who knows how long! Well, I had a life changing cole slaw event not too long ago and it looked like this: Cole [Continue Reading…]

Asian Pork and Cabbage Salad

asian pork and cabbage salad

This week’s quick, easy and delicious dinner recipe for Asian Pork and Cabbage Salad is a one that a good friend shared with me recently. I LOVE it when my friends share recipes with me (hint, hint) The recipe came from a diabetic cookbook so it is on the healthier side of things Just right for the first of the year and all those resolutions we have to lose weight. Now if you don’t have a resolution to lose weight I would totally serve this over rice. But because there [Continue Reading…]

Mexican Cole Slaw

Mexican Cole Slaw

I have recently discovered the wonders and beauty of cole slaw. In fact, not only have I learned to enjoy it as a salad/side dish but I have also discovered the yumminess of topping my burger or pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw. I love the crisp texture of the cabbage and I also love how relatively easy it is to put together.  It especially makes a nice addition to a Mexican themed dinner when you add a little kick to it. This Mexican Cole Slaw also fits the pretty [Continue Reading…]