Valentine Desserts


Do you celebrate Valentine’s as a couple or a family?  Of course, now that we are empty nesters it is definitely a couple celebration but when we had kids at home I enjoyed creating  special Valentine  and dinner for the whole family. Today I am sharing some of my favorite Valentine Desserts.  They seem to have a common theme – chocolate, berries, pink or red!   What is your preference?  Do you prefer something nice and chocolatey or would you rather have something with berries or maybe a combination. Here are [Continue Reading...]

White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake

White Chocolate and Raspberry Bundt Cake

I love bite size  food.  The main reason I like it is that it gives you the opportunity to try more than one thing.  You don’t have to choose just one piece of pie or cake,  you can taste a little bit of everything because each one is only a bite. For the bridal shower I recently hosted I decided to do a selection of mini bundt cakes.  We did three flavors.  Orange Poppyseed, Chocolate and today’s recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry which was definitely my favorite.  A selection of [Continue Reading...]

Orange Poppyseed Bundt Cake

Orange Poppyseed Bundt Cake

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  I have to admit that when my children were younger it was not one of my favorite holidays.  The day usually seemed to end up a little less than I had hoped for and expected.  Dad would be grumpy in the kitchen trying to get the kids to help fix dinner for mom but the kids were grumpy too which would make mom grumpy.  I would sit in church and listen to the speakers extol the virtues of their mother and feel guilty for not [Continue Reading...]

Poppyseed Cake


Today’s recipe is from my neighbor Sheri.  We have been neighbors for about 16 years and we have shared a lot of meals together and some great recipes during those 16 years. This is one of my favorite recipes that Sheri has given me. I made this cake for Sunday dinner last week. You will need a lot of poppy seeds for this recipe – it calls for 1/2 cup.  I only had 1/3 cup and it still tasted great.  Oh by the way Sheri,  I went into your house [Continue Reading...]