BYU Mint Brownies

BYU Mint Brownies

I’ve spent the last 10 days in Utah, the home of my college alma mater.  One of my favorite things to do when I visit there is buy a BYU Mint Brownie in The Wilkinson Center.  With today’s recipe I can make them at home too.  This recipe was originally posted August, 2008.  Enjoy the recipe and some pretty new pictures. After a long drive we have arrived in Provo, Utah.  Cali is moved into her dorm and we are enjoying our last couple of days with her visiting some [Continue Reading…]

Perfectly Peppermint Brownies

Perfectly Peppermint Brownies

I am a big peppermint fan and I am so excited that peppermint season is here or almost here.  At our house though it is pretty  much peppermint season all year long.  I stash candy canes and other goodies away in the cupboard so I can enjoy them all year round. Today’s recipe for Perfectly Peppermint Brownies is for all peppermint lovers.  These brownies are packed full of peppermint!  White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels, Peppermint Oreos, Peppermint Andes Mints and Peppermint Candy! Peppermint times four! They are pepperminty, chocolatey and nice [Continue Reading…]

Orange Brownies

Orange brownies are a fun twist on the traditional chocolate brownie

Loving the idea of orange brownies. Such a fun change from the traditional chocolate brownies Welcome to Emily of is this REALLY my life?  I met Emily a few years ago when she introduced me at an event I was speaking at.  She’s a doll and I have to tell you when I first saw the photos in this post my mouth starting watering.  I am a huge citrus lover and love the idea of Orange Brownies.  Can’t wait to try them. Hello, everyone! My name is Emily and I [Continue Reading…]

Caramel Brownies

Caramel Brownies

Today’s recipe is one I have had for years and I originally shared it back in 2009.  It is a favorite of the entire Wilkes family and it deserved a recipe redo and better photos! It is one of those recipes that everyone should have in the recipe collection and I am sure many of you do have it. If you don’t have it, you SHOULD have it. This recipe alone has made me a VERY popular mother with my boys and many of their friends.  This is one of my most [Continue Reading…]

Fudgy Marshmallow Brownies

Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

I’ve spent some time lately going through my piles and piles of recipes and some old family recipe books.  I have shared many of these recipes over the years here on the blog.  But as I was going through the recipes I realized there were some good old family favorites that weren’t here on the blog.  Ooops!  I shared one last week with these yummy Cowboy Cookies. Today’s recipe is one I got from Jim’s Aunt Dawn.  Dawn is a great cook and I’ve gotten lots of yummy recipes from her [Continue Reading…]

Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten Free brownies

As I mentioned the other day our gluten free journey continues.  This time with my husband.  The good news is, it is helping.  He has done so well with his new way of eating (and lost about 10 pounds as a bonus) that I decided to make him a treat this weekend. You see, one of the downsides of being married to a food blogger is even when you can’t eat the stuff she still keeps making it  – for the blog!  So this last week he has had to [Continue Reading…]

Inside Out S’more Brownies

Inside Out S'more Brownies

One of my weaknesses during the holiday season is all the holiday baking magazines that come out.  Over the years I have acquired quite a collection. Usually there are 2-3 recipes that really stick out to me that I want to try but this year I purchased a copy of 100 Best Cookies from BHG and it was like hitting the jackpot.  So many amazing cookies.  Lots of dog eared pages in this magazine. One of the first ones I had to try was today’s recipe for Inside Out S’more [Continue Reading…]

Toffee Brownie Bark

toffee brownie bark

Now that our nest is empty I am not a big Costco shopper.  In fact, Jim is usually the one who makes our Costco runs to stock up on Green Smoothie ingredients and toilet paper once or twice a month. Well, over the holidays I needed to make a trip to Costco and I discovered something pretty amazing.  It was something called Brownie Brittle  Yea, pretty amazing stuff! I put it out at a holiday party in a bowl – it doesn’t look like anything special but let me tell [Continue Reading…]

Mint Cookie Brownies

Mint Cookie Brownies

One of the most commonly asked questions I get here on the blog is what kind of camera do I use?  For the majority of my photos I use my Nikon D90x with a 17-55mm 2.8 lens or my 50mm 1.4 lens.  That is a lot of camera for most people and a lot of money.   It’s actually a lot of camera for me and it is really too big and bulky for traveling, especially with the 17-55 lens. My daughter Tessa Leigh is getting ready to do a [Continue Reading…]