Breakfast Pizza and Breakfast with Friends

breakfast pizzars

Breakfast Pizza has been a family favorite at our house for years!  All your favorite breakfast ingredients in one. The holidays are here – are you ready for the craziness?  I decided I needed a little peace before the storm so I decided to invite a few girlfriends I don’t get to see very often over for a pre-holiday breakfast this past weekend. Everytime I do something like this I end up asking myself – “Why don’t I do this more often?”  It really doesn’t get much better than a [Continue Reading…]

Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

This recipe has been redone and can be found here. I thought since it is just a week before Christmas that I would share with you some of the Wilkes Family’s holiday recipes.  My children are VERY tradition oriented.  We have some pretty strong traditions when it comes to food at our house and you better not try to veer away from them or the ranks revolt!  One strong holiday food tradition is Christmas morning breakfast. After the opening of presents, the Wilkes Family enjoys a breakfast of cinnamon rolls (the [Continue Reading…]