20 Top Books of the Past 10 Years

Top 20 Books

  Sharing my 20 Top Books I’ve read in the 10 Past Years Last week I shared with you my Top Tips on How to Read More this Year.   For the past several years I have shared with a list of the books I’ve read each  year.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite books, at least from the last ten years! Do you keep track of the books you read each year? I’ve been keeping a list since 1998. If you don’t keep a list, [Continue Reading…]

May & June 2014 Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

I’m a little late with this Recommended Reads post.  I like to do them every two months and it’s almost time for the July & August one so I figured I better get this one done! I’ve got some good books for you this time!  What have you been reading lately?  Be sure and leave me a comment to let me go.  I love hearing what you are reading and I add many of them to my list! May Recommended Reads Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford.  This book was [Continue Reading…]

January and February 2014 Recommended Reads


It’s time for a  Recommended Reads post!   My favorite thing about this type of post is when you share with me what you’ve been reading.  I get a lot of my book recommendations from you!  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading lately.  Be sure and leave a comment and let me know. January Recommended Reads Tell the Wolves I’m  Home by Carol Rifka Brunt was my first book for 2014.  I am still not sure if I really liked it.  It is a story of love, grief, [Continue Reading…]

June and July 2013 Recommended Reads

June and July Books Read

Summer is almost over and I didn’t get as much reading done as I had planned and the majority of reading I did took place in my car listening to books on CD but that still counts! I got off my English history kick and have been enjoying some “lighter” reads this summer.  My book group introduced me to Susanna Kearsley and I read The Winter Sea back in April and have really enjoyed reading more of her books – historical fiction, my favorite genre. So here are my Recommended [Continue Reading…]

April and May 2013 Recommended Reads

April May Recommended Readsa

I got a little behind on sharing my reading list!  Three months behind in fact. In April and May with all of our traveling, wedding cake buffet, college graduation, I didn’t read as much as I usually do. I also read a really BIG book – 900 pages big and that took a while! But better late than never – today I will share April and May.  I apologize for you non-history fans but the list is pretty history heavy.  With our trip to England I got on a real [Continue Reading…]

February 2013 Recommended Reads

February 2013 Recommended Reads

  Can you believe it is March already!?!! Today I am sharing my February 2013 Recommended Reads list.  A list of books I read this past month.  I read two non fiction books this month along with two fiction and a biography. I am a big Julia Child fan.  I have previously read My Life In France about Julia Child’s time in France when she began writing her cookbook and the book Julie and Julia which also has a motion picture by the same name.  Dearie: The Remarkable Life of [Continue Reading…]

2012 Book List

2012 Book List @yourhomebasedmom.com

Many of you mentioned in my recent blog survey how much you enjoyed my book recommendations and wished I would share with you what I am reading more than once or twice a year.  So because I aim to please I will be sharing with you monthly what I am reading.  I hope you will also share with me what you have been reading. So the final book count for my 2012 Book List was 45. That was slightly up from last years 42 but down from 2010’s 53 books. [Continue Reading…]

Summer Reads 2012

The Kitchen House

I had a comment from one of you the other day asking me if I would be sharing my summer reads.  I am glad she reminded me! The last few summers I have shared with you what I have been reading during the summer months.  You can check out past summers here:  Summer 2011  and Summer 2010. I must admit I haven’t done as much reading this summer as I usually have due to Wedding Carnival preparations which seem to consume every free minute but I have managed to squeeze [Continue Reading…]

2011 Book List


Several of you have been asking when I was going to post my list of books read in 2011 – so here it is!! You may also want to check out my book lists from 2010, 2009, 2008. I only read 42 books this year, down from 53 books last year but I think I should get extra credit for reading all of Harry Potter.  Those are some big books! As I said last year, just because I read the book doesn’t necessarily mean I recommend it although usually if [Continue Reading…]