Book Club and French Food Fast!

french food

It was my turn to host book club yesterday.  I enjoy hosting book club but with a couple of busy weeks I hadn’t given it much thought and as of this weekend I hadn’t finished the book yet either! We were reading Obsessive Genius – The Inner World of Marie Curie by Barbara Goldsmith.  I enjoyed learning about Marie Curie but admit I did skim parts of the book as it felt like I was reading a science textbook a lot of the time. Marie, though born in Poland, lived and worked [Continue Reading…]

Book Club Ideas


It is my turn to choose the book for our book club to read.  Since you were all such great help with ideas for my meal planning class I thought I’d ask for your help on this one too. I’d love to hear what you or your book club has been reading lately!  Any suggestions for me?  Just leave a comment below and let me know. My book club is made up of ladies from church so we like to keep the books free from bad language and not too [Continue Reading…]