70th Birthday Celebration

Bev's 70th Birthday party

Note: Jim, Cali, Tessa and I are on an adventure for the next two weeks.  Tessa is doing a study abroad in London and the rest of us decided to tag along for a little bit!  If you’d like to follow along our travel adventures the next two weeks be sure and follow me on Instagram! Today is my friend Bev’s birthday.  She is turning 70 years young! I met Bev 20 years ago when she attended a photo organizing class I was teaching at the local community center. I [Continue Reading…]

Goodwill Outlet Adventures


When my friend Marsha asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday  I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I knew she would be up for the adventure! But first I wanted to start my day out with Jim going out to breakfast. I enjoyed this yumminess at a little Scandinavian restaurant, Cafe Broder, that we went to – Abel skivers with lemon curd and lignonberry jam!  Our fun friends The Watts joined us too. After breakfast Marsha and I headed out for our adventure.  For [Continue Reading…]

Life Lessons Learned


Today this cute little baby turns 51. Yes, today is my birthday.  I am more than half a century old.  That could really be depressing! But I am trying to look on the positive side of things.  That whole older and wiser thing. You would hope that after 50 years a person would have learned a thing or two.  Maybe just a little bit smarter, a little bit wiser. So today, in celebration of my birthday, I thought I would share with you some of the wisdom I have learned [Continue Reading…]

Sweet Sixteen


My baby turns sixteen today! Is that really possible?  It just seems like yesterday I was wishing her a Happy Fifteenth here on the blog! Turning sixteen is kind of a big deal at our house.  Of course you can drive when are sixteen – except that Tessa hasn’t had her permit long enough so it will be a few months until that happens. The other big deal is that Tessa  has reached official dating age!  Yikes!  I think she is grateful that her two older brothers aren’t living at home [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday Jim!

happy birthday jim

Today is my husband’s birthday.  I’ll be kind and not tell you how old he is.  I will tell you though, he is older than I am. We actually celebrated his birthday on Sunday because early this morning he left on a business trip.  We celebrated with a yummy dinner (I’ll share the recipe tomorrow) and a homemade marionberry pie – his request. After dinner we went to visit my mom and dad as my dad is recovering from surgery.  When we returned home we found a surprise waiting for Jim [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday Clark!


  Yes, there is another birthday at our house this week.  My two sweet college boys are exactly two years and five days apart. Clark James turns 22 today!  Unfortunately, Jim and I are on our way to Marco Island, Florida (well – fortunate for us – unfortunate for Clark) and Clark will be on a plane home this evening for his break between semesters.  We are sad we will miss most of Clark’s visit home but he will have a good time with his two sisters and rest assured I [Continue Reading…]

Happy Birthday Logan!

logan 2

I just had to take a minute today and wish my sweet baby boy a Happy Birthday!  O.K. – so he’s not my baby boy anymore but he sure is sweet. Logan McKay is 24 years old today – how can I possibly have a child that old!!!  I could go on and recount the story of the day he was born but I won’t bore you with it although suffice it to say I am glad my water broke when it did because fifteen minutes later and I would [Continue Reading…]