70th Birthday Celebration

Bev's 70th Birthday party

Note: Jim, Cali, Tessa and I are on an adventure for the next two weeks.  Tessa is doing a study abroad in London and the rest of us decided to tag along for a little bit!  If you’d like to follow along our travel adventures the next two weeks be sure and follow me on Instagram! Today is my friend Bev’s birthday.  She is turning 70 years young! I met Bev 20 years ago when she attended a photo organizing class I was teaching at the local community center. I [Continue Reading…]

Favorite Things 60th Birthday Party

Vingelen Party

This last weekend we were invited to a Favorite Things 60th birthday party/retirement party for a dear friend.  We have been friends for over twenty years.  We met when she was Logan’s first grade teacher.  Every parent should be so blessed to have their child have such an amazing teacher.  We were twice blessed because she was also Clark’s first grade teacher.                   Then we moved and the girls didn’t have the opportunity but we have remained friends over the years and [Continue Reading…]

Pink Lemonade Cake and a Vintage Birthday


Today is my mother’s 80th birthday. I think that makes her officially vintage. The definition of vintage is “characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal; classic.  Yes, my mother is vintage.  She is beautiful and vibrant and lives a full life. It is not everyday someone turns 80 so I wanted to do something special to honor my mother on her birthday.  I decided to put together a vintage themed luncheon for her and her friends.  No boys were allowed although my dad and husband hung out in the kitchen [Continue Reading…]

A Birthday Gift


Today is my birthday. My original plan was to just totally ignore it.  Not mention it and pretend it wasn’t happening because you see it’s a big one!  I thought about just staying in bed all day and pretending it wasn’t happening but then something happened – a dream came true. You see, on my 18th birthday, many years ago, my parent’s gift to me was a trip to England to visit some of my  relatives who I had never met, to visit the birthplace of my grandparents.  Unfortunately, that [Continue Reading…]

Cupcake Catering


I did my first official paid catering job this weekend.  I have catered lots of events before but have never actually been paid.  Although I am not interested in becoming a professional caterer I have to admit it was kind of fun! A friend who reads my blog recommended me to a friend of hers that was putting on a 40th birthday party for his wife (what a nice guy!).  She had shown him pictures of the cupcake bar I had done for the wedding and he called and asked [Continue Reading…]

Pretty in Pink Party


As I was planning out my blog posts for this week I noticed a common theme.  Pretty.  Each one of the posts was about pretty things.  I  love pretty. I love to surround myself with pretty things. I love to make pretty things. I love to eat pretty things out of pretty dishes. I like to wear pretty clothes. I love finding the pretty in life. My philosophy in life is, if you must surround yourself with things, why not make them pretty! So this week will be a Week of Pretty! [Continue Reading…]