Easy Crock Pot BBQ Ribs

Crock Pot BBQ Ribs

Easy Crock Pot BBQ Ribs aren’t just easy – they are delicious! For more pretty and delicious be sure to follow me on Instagram. There is one word to describe today’s recipe: EASY! O.K., so may be there are two words – EASY and DELICIOUS! I have mentioned before that I was late to the game as far as crock pot cooking goes.  I own two of them and for years they sat on a shelf in the back of my closet, unused and lonely.  A year or so ago [Continue Reading…]

Easy Oven Baked BBQ Riblets

Easy Oven Baked BBQ Riblets

These oven baked BBQ riblets are so easy and delicious – the meat just falls off the bone! We had guests for dinner last night. Our guests were two handsome young men in white shirts and ties.  It was hot yesterday so they didn’t have to wear their jackets. I love having these young men for dinner.  It is a way for me to “Pay it Forward”.  To show my gratitude for all the wonderful women who fed my two boys as they served as missionaries in Chile and Argentina. [Continue Reading…]

Father’s Day Feast – BBQ Ribs

ribs 2

We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, two weeks early.  We wanted to celebrate while all the kids were home. Jim didn’t seem to mind since he got to have all of his kids with him! And besides having all four of his children with him we fixed  him a feast fit for a King.  In fact all three boys agreed that on the Man – O – Meter (which goes 1-5) this meal was off the charts! On Memorial Day we had stopped by some friends, Rod and Carmen’s, to deliver [Continue Reading…]