A Thought}Raising Children


I love going to visit my children.  I am fortunate to have all of them in one place right now so I try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Every time I come home from visiting them though I have a bit of a withdrawal. I feel a bit sad.  I feel a little lost and a little disoriented.  I have to refind my center of gravity. I miss them. I miss being their mother on a daily basis. I miss the noise. I miss the laughs. [Continue Reading…]

A Thought}Homemade


The kids have left and I’m back to an empty nest.  We had a wonderful week together. I have learned that today’s thought is very true – True happiness is definitely homemade! Back tomorrow with some fun new recipes! from etsy.com

A Thought

taking time to live

The four kids are home and we are off to play.  I may pop in now and then this week but I’m going to enjoy every moment of having my four kids with me!! I’m taking time to live this week and I’ll be back with lots of inspiration!!

A Thought}Feels Good

stuff done

Well, I have survived my first 3 days of being an empty nester and I think I did pretty good.  In fact today’s thought was my theme song for the last three days! It’s amazing what you can do when you are the only one home!!