Summer Memories

Summer vacation has officially begun here in Oregon.  School’s out and we even enjoyed some summer like weather this weekend.

Last week I had the opportunity to guest post over at my friend Kristen’s blog – Kristen Duke Photography.  Kristen asked me share a special summer memory that I have.

I’d love for you to click on over and fut what one of my favorite summer memories is.  I’d love to hear one of yours too!



  1. Tamara says

    Loved reading about one of your favorite memories. Growing up we would plan our family vacations for a year in advance. Each week in Family Home Evening we would talk, discuss, and the enthusiasm would run high! We would write letters to places along our route and prepare a fun notebook of things to see and do. Some of our favorite trips were to the World’s Fair in Seattle, back to Missouri to see Uncle Doran’s family (he was getting his doctorate), and many trips to Yellowstone, and Lake Powell.

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