Personal Stylist Services

With my degree in Clothing & Textiles and my Certified Personal Stylist training, I’m here to help you discover and make the most of your own personal style.

What is a Personal Stylist?

As a personal stylist, I help you make the most of “what you’ve got”.  The body – the wardrobe – the budget!  I will work with you one on one to discover your own personal style statement, your body type and your fashion needs .  We put together a wardrobe that shows off your assets, hides your flaws and helps you feel comfortable and confident in every situation.  I believe that we each possess our own unique beauty.  Sometimes we just need a little help bringing it out and making the most of it!

Each client begins with the a personal Style Statement Session.  After the initial session you can choose the services that best fit your current needs.

Style Statement Session

In this fun and informative session we will determine your own personalized style statement based on your life style, body type and personal taste. Included in this session is a 1 1/2 hour Closet Consultation.  Using what we have learned in your Style Statement Session we will evaluate what is currently in your closet.  We will put together new outfits using what you currently own, determine what needs to go and what purchases you my want to make. You will also learn how to quickly and easily update your wardrobe for the current season.

3 hour session includes Holobi Style Guide ($80 value)

Cost: $199.00

This Style Statement Session is a pre-requisite to all sessions below except for Virtual Wardrobe Consultant in which it is included.

Style Statement Session:

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Closet Consultation

Together we will evaluate what you currently have in your closet (clothes, shoes, accessories). Using your personalized style statement we will decide what stays and what needs to go. We will put together a personalized shopping list to help update your wardrobe and fill in the gaps. We will also help you see, with new eyes, the possibilities that exist within your current wardrobe. (2 hour minimum)

Closet Consultation

Shop My Shape

Together, we will go shopping to a store of your choice. Whether you choose to buy anything or not is totally up to you. Using all that you learned in the Style Statement Session and Closet Consultation we will try things on and learn how select items that best work with your figure type.  We will also learn how to fill in the gaps and update your current wardrobe. (2 hour minimum)

Shop My Shape

Virtual Wardrobe Consultation

Wish You Lived Closer to Me?

This Style Session can be done long distance via phone calls and e-mail photos. We can also use a webcam or Skype for a more personal touch.  We will begin with the Style Statement Session and then you will send me photos of some of your favorite outfits and we will review them and see how they fit with your new style statement.  We will also do some virtual shopping to help you develop and complete your personal style look!  This virtual session can be divided into a 2 hour and a 1 hour session if preferred.

3 hour session and includes Holobi Style Guide ($80 value)

Cost: $199.00

Virtual Wardrobe Consultation

Additional Services

Seasonal Update
We’ll go shopping and I’ll show you how to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces. I will show you the latest trends and give suggestions on what will work best with your style profile and help you create a look you LOVE! (2 hrs.)

Operation Outfit
Do you wear the same outfit combinations week after week? What you need is a fresh set of eyes – I can help give you new and exciting combinations by going through each piece in your closet and giving a suggestion for a new way to wear it. We’ll take photos for easy referral later. We will make the best of what you already have in your closet! You’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe! (2 hrs.)

Special Occasion
Need help finding the perfect outfit for a holiday party, special trip, wedding, or black tie event? Together we’ll find the perfect outfit that is appropriate for the event, flatters your shape and brings out your personal style! (2 hrs.)

Travel Wardrobe
Packing for a trip can be overwhelming. I will teach you how to pack with “capsules” to making packing a breeze and leave you plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs.  I’ll share a few packing techniques, and tips on what NOT to pack! Using what you currently have in your wardrobe we will put together the perfect travel wardrobe. (2 hrs)

Working with “What You’ve Got”
We will have fun playing in your closet. Using your current wardrobe I will show you new possibilities. We will put together combinations you haven’t thought of before and bring new life to your wardrobe without having to go shopping! We will take photos of the outfit combinations which you will have for future reference. (2 hrs)

Hourly Services

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