Do You Like to Vacuum?

A week ago if you were to have asked me what my top three least favorite household jobs were cleaning toilets, ironing and vacuuming would have been right up there.  But I might have changed my mind on that third one, vacuuming!

One of the main reasons I don’t like to vacuum is that it is way too much of a workout.  Our old vacuum is heavy.  After I lug it up and down the stairs a few times I don’t need to go to the gym.  I guess that is one advantage of vacuuming.

When Bissell sent me one of their CleanView Deluxe Vacuum with One Pass Technology to check out and review I was actually excited to vacuum.  Although the vacuum was provided by Bissell and I was compensated for the post all opinions are my own and I did the vacuuming!!

I posted a picture on instagram saying I had just gotten a new toy to play with.  One of you questioned my use of the word toy in the same sentence as vacuum!  Well, I think  in order to qualify as a toy it has to be fun and using my new vacuum was fun!

CleanView Deluxe

We are in the middle of redoing our bedroom so that meant a lot of cleaning out and moving of furniture.  That can be pretty scary when the furniture hasn’t been moved in 15 years!

Let’s just say the vacuum got a really good work out and I must say it was fun to use.

Things I love the most about this vacuum:

1. It’s light weight:

A huge plus in my book, especially when I have to lug it up and down the stairs!!   I guess the only downside is now I have to go to the gym.

2.  The attachments:

All the attachments have a nice little home somewhere on the vacuum.  With my old vacuum the attachments were in a drawer in my laundry room so I never bothered to use them, thus I never vacuumed in places that the hose would have reached.  It was just too much trouble to get the hose out of the laundry room and then take the vacuum half way apart in order to attach it!


With the CleanView Deluxe the hose is already there and all you have to do is grab the attachment you want from the back of the vacuum, add it to the hose and you are ready to go!

I love the little turbo brush which is perfect for the stairs.  So much easier.  It just attaches to the hose quickly and easily.

Bissell Turbo BrushThe crevice tool is pretty great too – perfect for getting in along the baseboards and the crevices of the stairs.

Bissell Crevice Tool

And there is even a Dusting brush for furniture, lamps, books, baseboards etc.

Bissell Dusting Brush

3.  No Bag!

It never seems to fail at our house that the vacuum bag is full when I need to vacuum and I have no extra bags!  I also hate the job of trying to empty the bag without spilling it’s contents all over the freshly vacuumed carpet!  The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe makes it so easy.  There is no bag to deal with.  I couldn’t believe how much stuff it picked up off my carpet.  My carpet didn’t look anywhere near that dirty but I guess it was!!

Bissell Clean View Deluxe Vacuum

You just remove the canister, flip open the bottom (over the garbage can) and it’s empty and ready to use again.  No bag,  no mess!

Bissell Clean View Deluxe Vaccum

How easy is that!


The other great thing about this vacuum is that with the OnePass  Technology the vacuum picks up everything the first time!  No need to go over and over the same section of carpet!

So what is one of your least favorite household tasks??

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  1. says

    I wish Bissell would contact me. :) I bought a different brand that did not require a bag, but the filters are expensive. I was very pleased at first, but now not so much. I would love to know if you remain happy in 6 months.

  2. Valerie A. H. says

    Seems to be a great vacuum cleaner. Wish I had one for our upstairs so I wouldn’t have to lug the Silver King around.

    Ironing is my least favorite task in the house.

  3. Teri says

    I own a house cleaning company and I would LOVE to test out their vacuum!! Cleaning everyone else’s house makes me HATE cleaning my own…maybe because I don’t get paid?
    My least favorite at my house is the toilets!!

  4. Crystal says

    How does it work on wood floors? I have only tile and wood floors so I’m always looking for a great vacuum. I’ve been using a cheap Shark one that I bought for $40 two years ago. With two indoor dogs, it has worked great, but the wheel keeps coming off.

    My least favorite chore is ironing. I absolutely hate it!! Cleaning bathrooms is right up there though.

  5. Wendy Webster says

    Least favorite job: laundry. But I prefer a bag vacuum all the way. I had a bagless but cleaning it and making sure it was dry and clean each time and finding the right filters got difficult the further out from the day we bought it.

  6. Marlene says

    Cleaning the shower…especially the hard water off the shower door is something I do NOT enjoy! Any magic solution that really works for that problem???
    This Bissell vacuum looks rather impressive from your review but hearing that the filters are expensive makes me think twice…any comments?

  7. says

    Vacuuming is actually one of my FAVORITE household chores, probably because it makes such a difference and automatically makes the house look cleaner! Mopping, however, doesn’t thrill me as much…

  8. says

    I agree with Natalie. Vacuuming is one of my favorite things to do! There is nothing better than a deep carpet clean and the feeling of your house being fresh. That said, my least favorite thing is cleaning the shower!

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