Paper Lantern Pumpkins

Paper Lanter Pumpkins

We are officially ready for Fall at the Wilkes’ house.

The candy corn is bought and the Fall holiday decor is in place.

Now before you are too impressed let me inform you that in order to put the Fall decor up I had to take down my Easter decor.  Yes, those cute little Easter bunnies and baskets were still adorning my home until this weekend!

I could come up with a whole list of excuses for why they were still there but I’m not going to.  I am going to show you some photos of my fun Fall decor  instead.

I have to admit I love decorating for Fall/Halloween almost as much as for Christmas.  I tend to stay away from the scary, skeleton, bloody gore  Halloween stuff and stick to the fun, cute whimsical variety.

A few weeks ago I saw a cute idea for turning paper lanterns into pumpkins over at Martha Stewart and I fell in love with them.

I now have a pumpkin patch floating in my kitchen nook – how cute is this!

pumpkin lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns

I have started myself a little collection of old painted chairs and they came in quite handy.

I went to great lengths to get this fun little orange chair home from my weekend trip to the beach because I knew it would be a great addition to my Halloween decor.

Beach Babe Weekend

Halloween Decor

And my green chair is the perfect spot for my little skeleton – I know I said I didn’t really go for the scary skeleton stuff but this guy is cute and besides that I made him!

Halloween Decor

Here is my front entry.

Halloween Decor

Even the little corner of my kitchen has some Halloween going on.

Halloween Decor

And in my family room I have some funky new pumpkins I bought at Tai Pan when I was in Utah last month.

Halloween Decor

For my mantle I wanted some black candle sticks.  I found some brown ones at TJ Maxx for about $3.00 a piece and with a quick coat of spray paint they are now black and the perfect spot for my little pumpkins to perch!

Halloween Decor

Thanks for taking the tour!  Are you ready for Fall?


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  1. Michelle Payne says

    I myself am a big fall fan just as much as Christmas like yourself. Where do I start with all the things I love about your decor? Love the lantern pumpkins! I need to do those and the ribbon banner is so cute. Thanks for sharing all of your decor with us.

  2. says

    I love your Fall/Halloween decor! I prefer the more whimsical style too! We just started decorating our house yesterday. The outside is pretty much done and I’ll work on the inside this week, though it’s not easy with my 3 year old who wants to “help” with everything! I adore your ribbon garland on the mantle — did you make that yourself? It is so pretty!!!

  3. Melanie says

    I love the black candle sticks with pumkins perched on your mantle! We moved this year and gave up a fireplace, I wish I had one to decorate:( I’m really going to feel that pain for Christmas! Your home looks boo-tiful:)

  4. Valerie H. says

    Your Fall decorations look so great! Very festive! I have the same childs
    chair as your green one. I bought it in an antique store years ago. They are
    fun to use for many different things. Thanks for the tour Leigh Anne!

  5. says

    Here are some directions on the ribbon garland – super easy to make!

    I tied the ribbon onto black craft cord which I found at Michaels in the yarn department. I also purchased all the ribbon at Michaels – they have bins of $1.00 a roll ribbon (3 yards) and some of it was their $1.99 a roll holiday ribbon. I didn’t pay more than 1.99 for any of the ribbon. I cut the ribbon into 7 1/2 ” pieces. I used 21 different ribbons but you probably could get by with 15-17 different ones.! I cut 14 pieces of each type of ribbon

    The ribbons are tied on one at a time. At the ends of the garland I made loops in case I wanted to loop it over a door knob or something. I ended up just tying it onto my candlesticks that are on my mantle. The swag measures about 5 feet long Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Danee says

    Leigh Anne, love the pumpkin lanterns. I was wondering if you had a good source for them? I need a few in different colors and sizes for my girl’s room. I am trying to recreate that fun hanging ceiling centerpiece that I saw on your blog {you were at an antiques show?} Any help would be great. Thanks Leigh Anne

    • says

      I ordered the lanterns from Luna Bazaar, I searched around quite a bit and thought they had the best selection and prices. I just ordered a bunch of pink ones last week to try and recreate that hanging centerpiece from Queen of Tarte too! I am going to use the paper pom poms from Tessa’s Sweet Sixteen party along with the paper lanterns. I also bought a shappy chic looking chandelier that I am going to try and incorporate. I’ll share pictures when I’m done!

  7. Melissa says

    You are such a great decorator! Will you come decorate my house?? :) I LOVE the ribbon garland. I saw your instructions up above – it’s my next craft project!

  8. Robyn says

    Okay so since you are doing various things to earn extra income – maybe you should add a service of decorating people’s houses for the holidays – or at least the non Christmas holidays :-) I’d hire you to come do some decorating to my place! I love what you do .. and every once in a while I get some decorations up for other than Christmas…but I would soooo hire someone to come do it!

  9. Heather says

    Guess what Leigh Anne? I was inspired by your adorable Halloween ribbon garland (and you know that I kind of have a thing for ribbon), SO…….I only bought two extra spools of ribbon (and just used a bit of my stash) and created your darling garland. Everyone LOVES it! MY HUSBAND EVEN NOTICED!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!! I am glad that you are my friend and share so many fun ideas with everyone!!!!

  10. Emmy says

    Your decorating is so cute! I really like your ribbon banner in the last picture! I am totally going to make a few of thoses!

  11. Maggie@Home Decorators Collection says

    You have a very creative ideas. Very cute to all your lanterns
    are the paper pumpkins . Can you post of how to make a paper


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