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Today’s my birthday and I’m off to celebrate just how I like – with lots of good food, my friends and family (only Jim since the kids are at school), and a trip to Goodwill with my friend Marsha to find some treasures!! 

I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite Portland restaurants while I’m out celebrating in my wonderful city!

While the kids were home for the holiday we did a little bit of eating, just a little bit.  At home and out.  We had to hit some of our favorite places and we tried a few new ones too.

One of my favorite Portland restaurants is Tasty n Sons. One day while we were out and about we stopped for lunch.  There was as big a line at lunch as at breakfast but oh so worth it.  Tasty n Sons is consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in Portland.

The restaurant is located at 3808 N. Williams and is open daily for brunch and dinner from 9a.m to 10 p.m.   I have eaten there several times and have loved everything I have tried.


Food is served family style and the menu is made up of “smaller plates” and “bigger plates”. We went for a combination of the two. We loved being able to get “smaller plates” because that way we got to taste lots of different things!  This time we ate at our own table but in the past we have sat at the communal table and had fun visiting with the others at the table with us. They didn’t even mind when I kept taking pictures of my food!

I loved the water bottles on the table. I recently bought a few similar to it at Ikea and I love using them on my dinner table.


Arrive early if you don’t want to wait.  In the morning that means before 10:00 a.m. and after that you will just have to wait but like I said it is worth it!

There were four of us so we got to try several different things.

Our first choice was the Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise. We ordered two and each had a half.  We were pacing ourselves.  Yummy, but I thought the creme anglaise was the best part!


Each dish is brought out as it is prepared so everything is fresh.

Our next delivery was the Auntie Paula’s French Toast with peach-maple & whipped cream. It was amazing. Maybe the best french toast I have ever had. The peach maple sauce was to die for and I wanted to lick the plate.



I had the a Fried Egg & Cheddar Biscuit with fried chicken. I am not a big fried egg fans so I got it with scrambled eggs. The biscuit was light and flaky and the whole thing was so good.

Logan went for the Pork Cutlets with fried egg & sautéed spinach which is melt in your mouth amazing.

And we found a nice gluten free, dairy free, red meat free option for Cali – Burmese Red Pork Stew with short grain rice & eggs two ways.

And of course there had to be dessert.  We shared.  Warm chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.  So good.

I have made three visits to Tasty n Sons and still haven’t tried all things I want to on the menu.  Darn, guess I’ll have to go back!


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Hi – I’m Leigh Anne! I have been a homebased mom for 30 years since my first baby boy was born! I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion.
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  1. Jim says

    Happy Birthday Leigh Anne from your husband Jim. I want you readers to know what a privledge it is to live with this woman. Each day i consider my self so lucky and blessed to share the journey with Leigh Anne. Leigh Anne I love you so much. You are such a good mother, wife, and caring person. Thank you for the 30 + years of marriage. Thank you for being patient with me.

    The only thing you have to watch out for being married to the home based mom is when you come into the kitchen and there is something new to eat, your taste buds are salivating and you have to train yourself to ask “Leigh Anne have you taken a picture of this yet for the blog or can I take a bite of this ” I have been caught with my hand in the cookie jar numerous times and with all the kids gone from home, I cannot say “it must of been one of the kids who ate it”..

    Looking forward to another 30 years with ths wonderful woman. I love you Leigh Anne HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Love Jim

  2. Melissa Frances says

    Happy Birthday!!!

    i so enjoy your blog!! WE love Portland and visit often as we have family there…so thanks for all the great tips for eating places around town! thanks for all your recipes too, i have enjoyed many!!

    you truly are a special person, thanks for sharing your life.

    enjoy your day.

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  3. Emily H. says

    Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne! I hope you find some wonderful treasures at Goodwill! Thank you for the restaurant suggestion. Even though I’ve been a Portlander my entire life, I have yet to discover so much in my city. Lovely post!

    -Emily H.

  4. Kris Wolverton says

    Happy Birthday Leigh Anne. Love your blog and thanks for sharing your life with your readers. Have a great day!!

  5. kelly says

    happy birthday! hope it is fun and special!!
    you work so hard to make things special for others!
    that looks like a really fun place to experience food!!

  6. Kim says

    Happy Birthday Leigh Anne! I enjoy your blog so much. I love the ideas and recipes you share with us. I also love what your husband wrote in the comment section for your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  7. Cindy says

    Leigh Anne,
    Have a Happy, Happy Birthday! May you have the best year ever!
    Love your blog very much! Thank you for all of the time and love you pour into it! You and your husband have a a beautiful family!!!

  8. Marlene says

    Birthday wishes for a year filled with lots of reasons to smile!!
    Your blog certainly brings a smile to all of us who love reading every single one of your posts!
    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    Happy Happy Birthday….

  9. Valerie H. says

    Happy Belated Birthday Leigh Anne! Hope you had the best day yesterday and many more wonderful days to come!

  10. Linda says

    Wow-we went to Tasty n More today for lunch. We took my husbands sister (today is her birthday!), his daughter and the two of us. We loved it and can hardly wait to go back! The polenta dish was fantastic and so was the African Sausage dish. Loved the fact that we could all “taste” each others food. Thanks for the great recommendation. It’s a winner!

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