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How about we start the week off with a Pizza Party!  Who doesn’t love a pizza party!?!

When my kids were little if you were to ask them what their favorite foods were I’m pretty sure two of the top five would have been pizza and macaroni & cheese(out of the box). Those were two foods I knew they would always eat and they would have a hard time choosing between!  In fact over Christmas we had a fun breakfast conversation with the kids and talked about if we could only eat one food for the rest of our lives what would it be?  Pizza was the top choice for several of us, including me!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a way you no longer have to choose between pizza and macaroni & cheese. You can have your pizza and eat your macaroni and cheese too!

The newest addition to Annie’s frozen pizza line, new Mac & Cheese Pizza is sure to be a hit with the kids big and small.

Made With Pepperoni_10_31_12

How clever is that!  Macaroni & Cheese right on top of the pizza.  This is a new product from Annie’s and is currently available at Super Targets but will be rolling out to more stores in January so watch for it!

Annie’s did a fun little test with some children to put their temptation to the test to see if the combo was worth waiting for.

Rex 2.jpg

I think the results are adorable, and thought you would too!  Take a minute to watch this darling video.

So who wants a pizza party!??

Giveaway Prizes

  •      Five winners will receive a  coupon for a free Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza
  •      One Grand Prize Winner will receive an Annie’s Pizza Party Pack which includes:
  • Annie’s Bamboo Pizza Cutting Board
  • Annie’s Pizza Cutter
  • Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza T-Shirt
  • Coupons for FREE Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza


To enter:

Tell me in the comments below how long your child would wait if asked to hold out for 10 minutes to taste new Mac & Cheese Pizza. Tell me your story!

This giveaway is for 5 winners of the coupons, and 1 grand prize winner.

  • Open to those with mailing addresses in the USA only.
  • Deadline: Submissions will close at noon Pacific Time on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013.
  • Winners will be notified via email within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway, and given 48 hours to respond. If I do not receive a response in 48 hours, I’ll need to draw new winners.

 Disclosure: I am working with Annie’s Pizza and was compensated for this post. All of my opinions are my own. 

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  1. Linda Lemons says

    Well, my boy is 16 and if it were being passed around, hed be taking a bite as he gets his for his plate, but if u sat him down and asked him to wait, im sure he would as long as he could talk to you about whatever random teenage thing he is currently focused on for the second and change to subject a million times in that ten minutes.

  2. says

    I wonder if my granddaughter would eat this? Everytime her family comes to eat at my house she cries and will not eat anything… I am so paranoid and really try hard to make things that do not have combination foods. Let me be your winner today. Thanks.

  3. says

    I don’t have kids (only the 4-legged kind) but I follow and love your blog! And i must say, I don’t think I could wait to eat this pizza! :)


  4. says

    This is so cute!!! We actually have a pizza shop out here in Las Vegas that makes Mac n Cheese pizza… I doubt my daughter (8 years old) could wait more then a few seconds! Mac n cheese is her favorite. I remember when she first grabbed the mac n cheese cake she was sneaking pulling off pieces of it before we even left the line! I just love that girl :)

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