Photo Organization – “Can Someone Please Do It For Me?”

Many of you know that I spent 20 years of my life helping people organize their photos. I helped them get those photos out of their shoe boxes, out from underneath the bed and attic and into an archival quality scrapbook where they could enjoy the photos and preserve the stories.

Even though I am no longer with that company I still have a love and passion for photos and the importance of having our photos somewhere safe and where they can be enjoyed.  During those twenty years I watched the photo industry change dramatically.  There was no such thing as a digital camera when I started teaching classes on photo organization and computers were only something that big corporations had.   It is a different world now.

The biggest objection I got from people at my classes was that they just didn’t have time to deal with their photos.  They were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  I often got asked,”Can’t you just do it for me?”

Well today, I want to share some exciting information with those of you who may have asked that question – “Can’t you just do it for me!?”

I had the opportunity to interview two of my friends who are Professional Photo Organizers. Combined, Sherra and Laura have over 30 years in the photo industry so they know what they are talking about.  They have some great information and tips for those of you who may feel overwhelmed with your photos and don’t know where to start.  So if you are one of those who has asked the question “Can’t you just do it for me?”  Well, these ladies can!

Be sure and read all the way to the end to find out about a free 30 minute call to share some simple tips to organize and enjoy your photos.

Sherra and Laura, tell me  a little bit about photo organizing and what exactly does a Photo Organizer do?

Photo Organizing is an emerging profession. For years, people have been overwhelmed with the quantity of printed photographs they have stuck in drawers and boxes. With the advent of digital, the problem has grown. We have met lots of folks who have digital images stored on their hard drive, in files on their computer and even stuck on the memory cards they use with their camera.

Simply put, a photo organizer can help someone organize their printed and digital images so they are accessible and can be enjoyed. We can sort photos, back up images so they won’t be lost in a computer crash or catastrophic event, and even create digital albums or slideshows. The services we offer might be all inclusive — in other words we can work the project from beginning to end — or we might help our client develop a step by step plan where much of the actual sorting and backing up is done by the client themselves.

I helped people for many years with traditional scrapbooks and then digital albums and I know both of you did as well – in fact, that’s how we all know each other. How is hiring a photo organizer different than scrapbook classes that are still being offered?

Many people enjoy making their own albums. They love the artistry, the process of celebrating memories as they work, and even the social aspect of scrapbooking in a group. The truth is that many more simply don’t have the time or desire to invest in making their own albums. That’s where a photo organizer comes in. We can help gather photos, scan them if needed, and then create a digital album — all with input from the client so the story and the memories are still an integral part of the end process. We always offer a free 30 minute consultation so we can determine the best way to help each client.

I know from my years of blogging  and taking digital photos that we all print fewer pictures than we used to. How do you help people organize their digital pictures so they don’t feel so overwhelmed?

Blogging is a great way to organize pictures — Leigh Anne, you do that so well here on your blog. Party themes are captured with your stories, recipes with instructions and family photos are all displayed on your blog. For some, blogging is their new digital “album” and you can even print your blog as a book at the end of each year so you have a chronological or themed album. Technology allows the instant gratification of immediately sharing our photos with family and friends. Using the internet to post photos online is actually a quick way to start organizing photos.

Photos and albums seem to go together but I also know the idea of starting or completing an album can overwhelm people. Will you share some simple ways that you can help people with their photos and still make it enjoyable?

These days, there are lots of ways to enjoy, display and share photos. From photo collages to posters, there are many unique photo gifts available. Some of our favorites are enlarged photos beautifully framed, canvas prints and even small, mini-albums that celebrate a single event like a wedding, vacation or graduation. Most everyone enjoys reliving a memory in the form of such a thoughtful gift. And a real benefit is that all these options are much less expensive than they used to be.

How can someone find a photo organizer?

Chances are there is a photo organizer close by. To find out, you can go to . or click the Appo button my sidebar.   Appo stands for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, a professional organization founded by Cathi Nelson. Appo has a  comprehensive certification program and provides a resource center for professional photo organizers.  It is also a place that someone who is looking for someone to help get their photos organized can go to to find help. But photo organizing also lends itself really well to a virtual relationship between the organizer and client. We would be glad to help assess the situation and offer some solutions no matter where you live. Getting photos and memories out of computers and camera cards and back into people’s lives is something a photo organizer will really help you with.

Laura and Sherra are offering a free 30 minute call to share some simple tips to organize and enjoy your photos. Click here to register for the call!

They are wonderful and you will love them, I promise!

Laura and Sherra are both certified photo organizers with Appo™ and also offer training for small businesses. Visit them at to read more about their services.

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  1. Tamara says

    Thanks so much for all this motivation. It can be totally overwhelming with ALL those boxes of pictures. Am looking forward to the phone call.


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