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Last week I shared with you a Thanksgiving Tragedy – the story of my son Logan’s friend Bailee and her fiance Taylor that were in a tragic accident less than three hours after getting engaged.

Taylor’s sister was killed in the accident and Taylor suffered extensive injuries that will take months of rehabilitation.  Many of you have offered up prayers in their behalf and many of you also generously made a donation to a fund set up to help them with their medical expenses.  One of my amazing blog readers even volunteered her assistance to help with their insurance problems.  Where they thought they would have no coverage, now thanks to the help of one of you, they will receive some coverage.  Their needs are great though.  You can read more details of the story here.

This last week I also received an email from another Taylor – Taylor Olsen.  Taylor is a student at BYU studying Media Music. I am proud to say she is also a reader of my blog.

Even though she doesn’t know Bailee and Taylor extremely well, she was very affected by the tragedy and as a singer/songwriter,she ended up writing a song about it.

The song talks about how love is what keeps us together in hard times.  The first time I listened to the song, and about every time since it brings tears to my eyes.  The lyrics and music are beautiful as is Taylor’s voice.

She is now offering her original song “Love is the Glue” as a way to raise money to continue to help pay Taylor Morris’ medical bills.

The download for this beautiful song costs what ever you would like to give.

All proceeds will be donated to Taylor Morris…not to be confused with Taylor Olson.
Donate as much or as little as you can and enjoy the beautiful music.
To download the song and make a donation just click on the photo below.  After you enter your name and email you will be given the opportunity to leave a tip between the amount of $1 – $25.00.  All proceeds will go to Taylor Morris.
  If you would like to make a larger donation to the Taylor Morris Fund you can do so here.

Click on photo for music download:

Here are the beautiful lyrics to the chorus of the song:
Love is the glue
I keep coming back to
So I’ll do all I can do and love you
Love is all I ever knew
To be completely true 
So I’ll continue to love you
I will never be through
Loving you
For more info on Taylor Olsen, concert updates, music downloads, and to keep tabs on this sweet girl,
go like Taylor Olson’s facebook page here:

I want to give you a little update on how Taylor and Bailee are doing – they are doing great and miracles continue!  They have amazing spirits and attitudes.  My son Logan was able to spend a bit of time with Taylor last week and went for a walk with him as part of his therapy.  He said that Taylor carried his walker most of the way!

Taylor has been released from the hospital and both he and Bailee are now in Utah and  living with some amazing friends and mentors of theirs.  This is enabling Taylor to be in outpatient rehab which is a huge blessing!

Please share this post on Facebook and with your friends – let’s share Taylor Olsen’s beautiful music and help Taylor Morris’ recovery – all at the same time!!

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  1. capturing joy with kristen duke says

    thanks for the update! that’s wonderful that he is walking and carrying his walker! my mom went to his sister’s funeral and said it was uplifting.

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