Mother’s Day Giveaway}a day of pampering

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Mothers Day Giveaway

Today I am excited to join together with 18 other bloggers that I love for a Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway!  We have each put together a basket full of items we’d love to receive for Mother’s Day.
When I was working on my basket I asked you a question on Facebook – “What would you like for Mother’s Day?”  I loved reading your responses and it was clear that a little pampering was what most mother’s want.  A massage, a pedicure/manicure, some chocolate, a little shopping all made the list numerous times.  So I did my best to include those things in my basket – a day of pampering.
You could win one or all of the above baskets for you or your mom…or any special lady. To see all of the other baskets up close, as well as enter to win all of them, click on the links below.

Enter to win each and every basket or just the ones that really speak to you…your call! The baskets’ contents have been personally selected by each blogger— they’re filled with items to pamper, crafty fun, home decor and household items, beautiful jewelry, organizing supplies, yumminess, handbags, gift cards and even more! There’s something for everyone. 


Click to enter each of the basket giveaways you see above:

Mothers Day Giveaway
First off I included some chocolate.  What mother doesn’t love a little chocolate.  I included both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
Mothers Day Giveaway
For the pampering part I have included a gift card for a massage!  That is my idea of pampering.  The gift card will work at one of the over 850 Massage Envy locations.  There is also a Starbucks gift card for your favorite beverage as well as a Target gift card for a little shopping.  This mother loves to shop so I hope you do too!  The three gift cards are included in a fun little wallet to make shopping even more fun.
Mothers Day Giveaway
There were lots of requests for a manicure/pedicure and since that is a little hard to gift to you I have included a fun new bottle of nail polish!
Mothers Day Giveaway
And finally, my favorite candle at the moment.  This one smells so yummy and I hope you love it too.
Mothers Day Giveaway
Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever done but also the best and most rewarding.  I love being a mom and even though my kids are  now gone from home and mothering has taken on a whole new dimension I still love it.  I am grateful for the four amazing kids that made me a mom!
Basket Value:  $130.00
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Leigh Anne


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  1. 401
    Keisha Talley says:

    Spend time with my family

  2. 402
    Amanda Payeur says:

    A day without my kids fighting

  3. 403

    I want a trip to visit my friends in Utah!
    Kendra Frampton recently posted..How Do You Say Happy Easter? With Cupcakes Of Course!

  4. 404
    Sophia Durrant says:

    I want to spend time with the whole family!

  5. 405
    Sophia Durrant says:

    I would like to have a massage

  6. 406
    Katie Contests says:

    I just want to see my mom!

  7. 407
    Maggie Wallace says:

    To spend time with my mom!

  8. 408
    Molly says:

    Family time! :)

  9. 409
    Margaret M says:

    Since I’m not a mama myself, I’d love to spend time with my own mother on mother’s day!

  10. 410

    i just want to spend time w/ my family at my favorite bakery.

  11. 411
    Lindsay Lee says:

    A day with my family just spending time together!!!

  12. 412
    Kathy C. says:

    I always love time with my grandkids!

  13. 413
    Heather says:

    Oh how fun!

  14. 414
    Amanda Sinclair says:

    I want to relax with no housework and no worries! Going out for dinner doesn’t hurt, either!

  15. 415
    Alison says:

    I’m not a mommy, but I always look forward to spending time with my mom on Mother’s Day – we run a 5km race every year, and then have yummy brunch with family!

  16. 416
    Carmen N says:

    I want yarn :)

  17. 417
    Sharon J says:

    Some pampering would be nice!

  18. 418
    Joyce Chatman says:

    I would like a day with peace, harmony and love.

  19. 419
    Sherri Sloat says:

    Dinner out!

  20. 420
    Shelby says:

    Nothing…I’m not a mom lol! I’d love to give mine this basket though!

  21. 421
    Emily H. says:

    Just to spend time with the person who made me a mom! :)

  22. 422
    Jamesa B says:

    I would love a case for my tablet that has an easel feature.

  23. 423
    Ashley Barnett says:

    A fun time with my family!

  24. 424
    Candi S. says:

    I am looking forward to spending the day with all four of my kids together.

  25. 425
    SandyN says:

    Another year with my Mom! She had cancer, so every Mother’s Day I continue to get with her is a wonderful Mother’s Day for me!!! My 2 kids make it pretty special for me, too! :)

  26. 426
    Sarah says:

    Rest :) Having little ones (3) that are 5 and under.. I am rather tired a lot. Especially if the youngest hasn’t been sleeping through the night. *yawn* time for some more coffee. :)
    Sarah recently posted..Life lessons through the eyes of a child

  27. 427
    Erica Thornton says:

    The thing I want most for Mother’s Day, is to be with my chidlren, and to spend the day with my Mom. We don’t get to see her very often but she is an amazing and special Lady who gave up quite a bit for me. I don’ t want anything special because I have all that I need. I just want my mom to have the best day.. My kids make every day of my life special and so does my husband.

  28. 428
    Chelsea W says:

    A spa day with my mom!

  29. 429
    Linda says:

    I would love a professional massage.

  30. 430
    Donna Erdman says:

    A nice day with my newest grandchild.

  31. 431
    Shannon O says:

    I want a nice quiet day with my mom!

  32. 432
    Dianna Torgersen says:

    I’d like some yummy chocolate, speakers for my tablet so I can listen to books better, and a game night in with my fam- bring on Chutes and Ladders!

  33. 433
    Annette says:

    For Mother’s Day I’d like a new vacuum cleaner.

  34. 434
    S says:

    I don’t know what I would want for Mother’s Day bc I’m not a mom, but growing up I know my mom always appreciated breakfast in bed!

  35. 435
    Laura says:

    A date night out with my husband and maybe a pedicure and a few hours to shop by myself!

  36. 436
    amanda whiltey says:

    i just want to spend the day with my family.

  37. 437
    christine dragomer says:

    I am wanting a family day of game playing!

  38. 438
    Kim Potts says:

    I want a mani-pedi for Mother’s day.

  39. 439
    Tabathia B says:

    I really want a few books preordered, but will settle for a spa pedicure

  40. 440
    CrystalSlate says:

    Happy children lol

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