Pink Mother Goose Popcorn

This Pink Mother Goose Popcorn is almost as fun to make as it is to eat!MOther Goose Popcorn

For Valentine’s Week I’ve got yet another quick and easy Sweet Treat for you!

If the Oreo Truffles or the Crispy Chocolate Cherry Treats or the Spiced Nuts didn’t do it for you maybe the pink Mother Goose Popcorn will be just the perfect gift for your Valentine!

I love popcorn!  I love it butter and salted, I love caramel corn, I love it with white chocolate and even with peanut butter mixed in and I love Mother Goose Popcorn!

Mother Goose Popcorn is a sweet popcorn.  I have no idea why it is called Mother Goose Popcorn but I got this recipe from my husband’s Aunt Elaine.

You can make it whatever color you want depending on the holiday and the season – I chose pink for Valentine’s Day of course.  I thought a batch of red and a batch of green mixed together after drying would be fun for Christmas too and how about red, white and blue for the 4th of July!  Just imagine the possibilities!!

The syrup has two teaspoons of vanilla in it which gives it a wonderful flavor.  I love vanilla and next time I think I will add another teaspoon!

MOther Goose Popcorn

I air-popped the popcorn.  The syrup mixes up quick and fast – just pour it over the popcorn and mix and then  let air dry on a cookie sheet.  It dries very quickly.

I used some cute little heart covered cellophane bags and tied them up with red ribbon.

MOther Goose Popcorn


Mother Goose Popcorn
Recipe type: Candy
  • 1 C sugar
  • 3 Tbsp water
  • 6 Tbsp butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • food coloring
  1. Put all in saucepan and bring to a boil
  2. Pour over 4 quarts popped corn and stir until well coated and it goes sugary

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  1. Becky says

    I remember getting ‘Mother Goose’ popcorn as an occasional treat in the mid 70’s. It came in pink, blue and white, as I recall. The cellophane wrapper had a big picture of Mother Goose on it. Maybe that’s where the name came from. At any rate, my 12 yr old daughter and I made this recipe and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for another great recipe.

  2. Renee says

    Leigh Anne, You just saved me!! I am in charge of treats and games and prizes for my son’s class party tomorrow. (basically I am the only room mom and am in charge of everything) I had planned on doing something else for the party, but it was a VERY time consuming treat. And by the time I have helped with making 3 valentines boxes, (the kids were very creative this year with what they wanted to make–my older son made his box look like the Geico commercial money, complete with big eyes! so cute) four classroom sets of valentines–each one had to be put together apprx. 100-120 valentines, 6 teacher gifts to be wrapped, and then various other giftees to be put together for other teacher staff members, and going to two parent teacher conferences. I AM TIRED!!! So I have some darling bags and Mother Goose popcorn it will be for the classroom treat. THANK YOU!!!!! Renee

  3. Jenn says

    We had this all the time when we were kids! We just called it sugar popcorn though. Thanks for the reminder I’ll be making this for my little girl soon!

  4. Clarissa says

    I am in love with this site. Today I made the washer necklaces. I am going to do this mother goose popcorn but try it with splenda as my sis in law is diabetic. All the bark is great as well. Thanks

  5. Casey says

    how many bags of microwave popcorn will that glaze mixture be enough for??
    Thanks! Going to make it for my sons class.

  6. Lynn says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I wondered as I was typing in the search if i would ever find the recipe my mother used when i was a kid. It’s been over twenty five years and I remembered the name mother goose popcorn. It was great! As a side note: a box of flavored Gelatin (sugar free) works great for different flavors.


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