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About the beginning of December I went out and bought my new 2012 calendar.  I always buy the refrigerator version.

I have quite a pile of them now.  A mini-history of our family.

I love a new calendar.  I love how clean and fresh it looks, so full of possibility.  I love my little ritual of sitting down with my  new calendar and my old calendar and transferring all the birthdays and special days onto the new calendar.  It is a new year in two ways for me – the literal beginning of a new year but also, since my birthday falls on January 7th (tomorrow), it is the beginning of a new year for me personally.

This year as I sat at our kitchen table, flipping through last year’s calendar I realized how many events I didn’t need to write on this year’s calendar.

I didn’t need to write down the school holidays, the days there was no school.

I didn’t need to write down the dates of Prom, Graduation, the school musical.

I didn’t need to write Spring Break on the calendar.

My calender is going to look different this year.  My first full year as an empty nester.

My calender  use to be full, chock full of children’s activities.

My calendar is still full.  I have managed to fill, overfill, my days with lots of wonderful, good and fun things since my children have left home.  In fact, somedays I wonder how I had time to be a mother!?

What we fill our calendar with fills our life.  What do you fill your calendar with?  What do you fill your life with?    Are the things we are filling our life and calendar with the things that will help us move forward, progress and become the people we were meant to be?  I am trying to fill my calendar with things that help me express and show my gratitude and help me Be Grateful.  Things that will help me show my gratitude for my family, my friends and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have always loved the following quote:

I’m hoping that my calendar can be filled with things that will help me become who I was meant to be!  Full of new and exciting  possibilities.  A new purpose.

Next week I’ll share with you how I feel about the importance of white space on my calendar and in my life!

Leigh Anne
Hi – I’m Leigh Anne! I have been a homebased mom for 30 years since my first baby boy was born! I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion.
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  1. says

    Wow! Your words are so true! Although I have a looong time before my children leave the house (they are only 2 and 3) I am looking forward to the busy years and the quiet, restful years. I love that quote. Beautiful. I have to get that printed on a canvas to hang in my house somewhere!

  2. says

    It is an adjustment to be a new empty nester – something I’ve done a few times over the years between my own and my stepchildren. It takes some getting used to and then one day it dawns on you how nice and neat and quiet the house is. It’s an “aha” moment – enjoy filling your calendar with things that YOU want to do.

  3. says

    ok…I have to tell ya….I just recently found your blog and I’m feeling like we must be long lost sisters! I am right there with you on so many of the topics that you write about. I even took your ‘word’ idea over to my own blog! When you talk about your calendar and your empty nesting, I almost fell outa my chair! You see….when I had my first empty nest yr, I had to throw my calendars OUT. I couldn’t bare looking at all of the empty days that used to be filled to the hilt with 3 sons worth of activities. I just didn’t wanna see those days filled with no more little boy stuff! and then!!!!!!!! you talked of your birthday being on Jan 7……well, mine is Jan 8! me and elvis!! So everytime I read your words I see so many comparisons between our lives…..a leetle weird, but a leetle nice too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!

  4. heidi wolf says

    Happy Birthday Leighanne! I have been lurking on your website for a few years now. I first found you through a Creative memories connectio as i am a consultant, too. Then discovered we shared birthdays! Your post about turning 50 came when i was turning 40 and havin a hard time with that! Today, i find out i use the same calanders as you do. I could never quite put my finger on why i just couldnt bring myself to throwing them out at the start of a new year- your post puts words to why! I have 3 kids and we are in the thick of chaos, you have helped me to pause, treasure the moment and carry on…and to appreciate every season of life. I have been very inspire by your words! I look forward to more posts, and this year when i see you at Showcase in Minneapolis, I willl introduce myself!
    Happy Birthday! Heidi in Minnesota

  5. kelly says

    love this post! i have always bought a pocket calendar at costco and this year they didn’t have it and i can’t even find a calendar! all of our bookstores keep closing and i don’t even know where to look! got a free one at the pharmacy for now!
    and i know what you mean about different things on your calendar when the kids are gone but like you said somehow you manage to fill it up!!

  6. Jayne Lambert says

    What an awesome article! This gives me so much hope as a future empty nester. I hope I will still have a calendar filled with lots of fun and exciting things to do!


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