I Can Do Hard Things

This is my motto for today.

Today I will finish a half marathon.

Something I have never done before.

In fact, before this last year I had never run.

But you see now I am a runner.

There has been a mixture of excitement, anxiety, nervousness etc. this week.  I have done the work, I have put in the miles and now I just need to have confidence in myself and enjoy the journey!  As my friend and running mentor Heidi says, “At this point it is 95% mental!”

I am also taking Heidi’s suggestion and I am dedicating each mile that I run to someone I know.  Someone I know that has done hard things.

They are friends and family that have overcome obstacles, challenges in life and been a wonderful example to me of fortitude, endurance and strength.

Mile One:  My husband, Jim. 

After all he has been married to me for 30 years.  That can’t have been easy!  He’s also started over a career late in his working life.  He did what he needed to do to support his family.

He has also been my biggest cheerleader on this running  journey.

Mile Two:  My father, Barrie

He fought back Stage Four Bladder Cancer and won!

Mile Three:  My mother, Mary Anne

Now after having raised four children of my own I have so much more respect and admiration for my mother who raised three of her own.  Raising children is hard work!

Mile Four:   Jeannena M.

She nutured and loved a special needs child.  Jeannena has shown me how to love and to serve.  The amazing part is she would never think that what she did was hard.

Mile Five:  Cathy S.

A dear friend of 20 years that has fought back cancer twice now.  She is such an example of strength and positive thinking.  She is also a marathon runner!

Mile Six:  Carol R.

Another dear friend who has always been such a support to me.  She is one of the smartest, wisest and hardest working women I know. She has never been afraid to do the right thing even when it is hard.

Mile Seven:  Heidi V.

I met Heidi through the world of blogging.  She has also mentored me along this running journey.  Heidi has suffered the loss of a child but has turned that “hard thing” into a beautiful thing as she blesses the lives of other families in the same situation on a weekly and almost daily basis.

Mile Eight:  William & Julie W.

Julie is one of my precious Beach Babe friends.  She and her sweet William are now fighting the fight of their lifetime.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Mile Nine, Ten & Eleven:  My other Beach Babe friends.  April N., Patrice B. and Shauna W.

These three women have done many hard things and continue to do so.  They are amazing examples to me and I am so grateful for their friendship.

(They know what hard things they have done!)

Mile Twelve: My Children

How grateful I am for their examples.  My boys gave up two years of their life to serve their Heavenly Father in a foreign country.  I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.  I have watched Cali work so hard to overcome learning disabilities and not only succeed but thrive in school and life.  I am so proud of my sweet baby, Tessa,  who not only survived her first year of college but thrived and grew so much.  Many times it was hard and things didn’t go according to what she had planned but she did it and she did it well!  She was not afraid of hard things.

 Mile Thirteen: Marsha J

Marsha has been my running partner through this whole journey.  We have been there for each other to give support and be each others cheerleader and freak out a bit together.  She has done this hard thing right along with me and we will run together today!

I can think of so many other people I know that have done hard things but I guess I will have to save those for another race!


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  1. Vanessa says

    Congratulations! And what an inspiration to dedicate each mile to someone you admire! Have a great race!

  2. Tamara says

    Have been praying for you today. Was very touched by your post today. You have inspired many to do hard things.

  3. Amie says

    Way to go Leigh Ann!!! I love the idea of dedicating each mile to something that inspires you. I ran the Portland Marathon with my mom in October for her 60th birthday celebration. It was her first marathon :) I hope all goes well for you today. You are an inspiration!

    • says

      Thanks Amie and congrats to your mom for running her first marathon! That’s great. Not sure a marathon is in my future but Ive learned to never say never!!

  4. Crystal says

    Congrats! Congrats! CONGRATS!!!!
    I am amazed by the pure inspiration you have spread to your readers today!
    I TOO, am a runner. Today was LITERALLY my very FIRST day! I commissioned myself to walk/run 3.1 miles this morning. and plan to do the same tomorrow morning ( as a mother’s day gift to myself).
    “YOU GO GIRL!!!!” This is outstanding!!!!
    This is the most touching post I’ve read on running I have ever seen!.
    I’ve had this dream for about a year now that I would “ ONE DAY” become a runner. And guess what? Now: ,I TOO, AM A RUNNER!
    Today was literally my very first day! I commissioned myself to walk/jog 3.1 miles this morning and I DID IT! I even allowed myself a personal “random dance party” to celebrate when I finished! RIGHT THERE ON THE TRACK!!!
    At this point I’m training for my first 5k–which i will run with my 11 year old daughter and her schools Girls on the Run Team.
    I have to say, i am in LUV with the idea of dedicating each mile to someone in your life that has overcome “hard things” i am tearing up, just thinking of the many many people i could even dedicate these 3 + miles to. And actually I WILL do so. I am going to write it down tomorrow after the circus with my kids, and i am going to have my 11 year old do the same in preparation for our 5k!!!
    Thank you JESUS for giving Leigh Ann this amazingly profound word to live in her heart as well as share with the rest of the world.
    Now I’m STOKED to get up and complete my next “personal 5k” in the morning!!! (smile)
    I just cannot wait to read about your FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!!

    • says

      Thank you Crystal! You can do it! A year ago when I started my first day of Couch to 5K I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams I would run a half marathon less than a year later Just take it day by day, step by step, minute by minute, mile by mile and you can do it!!!

  5. says

    it is the day after the race “MOTHERS DAY” – Leigh Anne and Marsha, her running pal “FINISHED the RACE” but as we know there are many more races in life a head of us and thank you Leigh Anne for being an inspiration to us all

    The Husband of “YOUR HAME BASED MOM”


  6. Donna Swart says

    Hi there, I LOVE this quote & the whole design etc. and I have placed it on my blog from inspiration that I’ve used personally. (and have linked it back to here on your site). :)


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