Brussels Sprout Salad

Brussels Sprouts Salad

It always seem strange when I write or type the word brussels.  It seems like it shouldn’t have an s at the end but it really does – it is brussels.  I have kind of fallen in love with these cute little fellas.  I am even growing them in my garden this year and they have been so fun to watch.  If you have never seen a brussels sprout plant before the leaves are huge and it seems like nothing else is going to happen until the little round sprouts [Continue Reading...]

Inspiration Monday Linky Party

summer craft night projects

It’s an end of the month #InspirationMonday party! That means we have guest hosts AND a super fun giveaway! We’re so happy you are joining us today. This week, your links are seen simultaneously on all SEVEN blogs at the same time, all you need to do is link up to ONE of our sites. And if you’re linking up via our guest hosts, The Crafty Lumberjacks, WELCOME! And hello to all of you linking up from any of our sites! We just {heart} partying with you every week! We love to feature [Continue Reading...]

Rice Cooker Mac & Cheese

Rice Cooker Mac & Cheese

Doesn’t every kid love macaroni & cheese.  I know I did as a kid and my kids loved it.  My preferred way of eating it though always included ketchup.  Mac & cheese always seemed to be a go to dinner or lunch because it was so easy – just grab that blue box, add some milk and you were set. Today I’ve got a better option for you.  It’s just as easy, it tastes better (no ketchup needed) and the kids can do it themselves!  The beauty of this recipe [Continue Reading...]

Ooey, Gooey Chocolate Chip And Toffee Bars

Chocolate Chip and Toffee Bars

I’ve just got one word to say about these ooey, gooey chocolate chip and toffee bars. Danger! They are full of chocolate, toffee bits and ooey, gooey goodness.   The ooey gooey part is provided by the sweetened condensed milk which is spread in the middle of the bar. The sweetened condensed milk turns into caramel as it bakes and makes these bars pretty much irresistible!  I only make these if I can going to have company or have to take a treat somewhere or else I would eat the [Continue Reading...]

Liege Belgium Waffles

Liege Waffles

I get frequent emails from readers who are going to be visiting my fair city – Portland, Oregon and they want to know where they should go and where they should eat.  I love sharing some of my favorite places.  Many of them I have blogged about over at Homebased Portland.  I have lots of favorites but one place I suggest every time is The Waffle Window. It is definitely a Wilkes family favorite.  It is often the first place we stop after picking up kids from the airport when [Continue Reading...]

July Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

It’s time for another Stitch Fix box!  I have to say I do get a little giddy when a new box shows up at my door.  I basically drop whatever I am doing and head upstairs to see what is in my box and try everything on!  So fun! For those of you not familiar with Stitch Fix it is a monthly subscription service that provides a personal stylist and an opportunity to get hand-selected women’s fashion shipped free, straight to your door. You can then try them on in the privacy [Continue Reading...]