Happy Mail

Happy Mail

Happy Monday! I’ve got a quick, fun little post for you today.

I am the mother of college students. I currently have one college sophomore, a college senior (ready to graduate in April), and two in law school and one son who has graduated. I am often asked by people for ideas for care packages for college students. I have shared a few of those ideas here on the blog before – a Trick Or Treat Care Package and a little preparedness College Kid Care Package. I’ve also sent a birthday party in a box.

So today I want to share a fun, easy idea you can do for someone  far away or close by – whether it is a college student, a missionary or just someone you love.  I think everyone likes to receive mail – at least happy mail.  With the internet, emails, text messages etc.  it seems as if handwritten cards and letters are becoming a thing of the past. I don’t know about you but it seems like the only thing that comes in my mail any more are bills and junk mail!

Who wouldn’t love to go out to their mailbox and find this waiting for them!

Happy Mail

Yes, I mailed my kids a box of candy.  I used the “movie theater” size boxes you can pick up at the drugstore or the Dollar Store for about one dollar a box.    I then came up with a fun little saying that tied in with the name of the candy and typed it on a label and put it on the box.

Here are a few of the others I did.

Happy MailI then put another label on the other side of the box with their address and my return address.

happy Mail

Then I took it to the post office and they put some stamps on it for me.  Now you are going to spend about twice as much in postage as the candy is worth but it was so fun to do and who wouldn’t love getting a box of candy in the mail!

So, no I didn’t wrap it in paper and yes it arrived just fine, no problems!  The gal at the post office loved the idea!

So show someone you love them and send them some Happy Mail today!!


Leigh Anne
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  1. Debbie from Illinois says

    I also have done this for my college kids. My daughter loved it and my son asked for gift cards to Subway instead. :-)

  2. Angie Young says

    I’m planning on doing a “heart attack” mailer for my daughter at BYU-I. We picked up a few things for her this weekend. My local post office has heart bubble mailers so I picked up one of those also. I am planning on cutting out a bunch of hearts out of construction paper and filling the bag with them and her care package items. When she opens the bag they should fall out and give her a “heart attack.”

  3. Phaedra Kowis says

    I always sent a party in a box for the kids Birthdays while they were in college. The 2 older kids like lemon pound cake I would make it in a loaf pan. The baby liked a German Chocolate so I would make a 8×8 and send the jar of icing. I would then send plates and napkins from the dolllar store in a fun theme. I would also send a gift card to they and a friend could go out to dinner to celebrate. They always looked forward to the box and since they were so far away they knew that I thought about them.

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