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I have to admit I was tempted, only for a minute, not to put up my Halloween decor this year.  It was during one of my “feeling sorry for myself because I am an empty nester” moments.  I must admit it is not quite as fun to decorate when there are no kids around to enjoy it.  But I decided I enjoy it so that is a good reason to decorate.  We will also be hosting our annual Halloweenie Roast and how could I do that and not have my decorations up!!

So I decorated.

The downstairs is officially decked out for Halloween.  The nice thing is, the majority can stay up after Halloween , right into Christmas.  I just remove a few of the Halloween specific items!

Here is the entry way.

I picked up the hat stand at Goodwill this year – it is actually a toilet paper holder!  I made the Halloween pennant banner last year.

Mr. Skeleton sits on a chair in the entry way too.

This little table was a Goodwill find and it is patiently waiting for me to refinish it.  In the meantime it is the perfect spot for a little Halloween decor.

In the family room my newly painted/refinished sofa table (I don’t even have the hardware on it yet!)
was the perfect spot for a little decorating.

I picked up the pumpkins last year on one of my trips to Tai Pan in Utah!

I also added a few Halloween touches to the fireplace mantel in the family room too.

Now to the dining room.  I was excited to decorate my newly painted buffet.

The black candlesticks I found at Goodwill and spray painted were the perfect place for some small pumpkins.  My spider web tiered serving piece made a great perch for the black birds I found at the Dollar Store.  The little candelabra also came from the dollar store and the Pumpkin Lady was a gift.  The fabric is just some yardage I picked up on clearance last year after Halloween.

I filled the cake plate that sits on my dining room table with a berry garland I had in my stash.

My inspiration for my mantel in my living room was a Pottery Barn catalog.  I headed to Home Goods and found everything I need to create it for a lot less money.

I just filled containers I already had with more berry garland and acorns

Just about every container gets filled with some kind of fall decor –

And here is the kitchen table…..

Well, that takes care of just about every flat surface I have downstairs in the house!

Happy Halloween?  Do you decorate for Halloween?

Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    I love what you did with your house!! You crack me up–“Oh well, I’ll throw a few things up”-Your half effort is more than others do in a lifetime!! I have recently started my own blog and wanted to let you know that YOU are one of the reason’s why. Last year I had breast cancer (I was 36!) and six surgeries. I am now cancer free and taking those risks I never would before. Anyway, I was “down” a lot recovering from surgeries and spent lots of time looking at your blog-it just made me happy. It also inspired me to get out there and try something new (loved your lists from this summer!!). So, in honor of Your Homebased Mom: here is my second post-I’ve only had a few but I am so very happy I took the “plunge”. I’m stll learning all of the technical stuff but I must say I am proud of what’s been done so far : ) HEIDI FERGUSON, GAINESVILLE, GA


    • says

      Just checked out your blog – it looks great and I love those polka dot pumpkins! Good work! Congrats too on being cancer free and taking those risks. You won’t be sorry Welcome to the world of blogging, can’t wait to follow your journey.

  2. Jamie says

    I couldn’t help but laugh to myself a little. This decor looks pretty halloweenish to me, what possibly stays up through Christmas?:) Although, if anyone could figure out a way to pull it off it would be you. Such cute stuff, I love it!

    • says

      Jamie, After I looked at the photos again I decided you were right. I do leave up all the pumpkins so the table in the family room pretty much stays as well as the mantle in the living room. Any kind of pumpkin stays! The rest gets taken down and replaced with a few turkeys!

  3. Heather says

    I love what you did! I love the idea of painting thrift store candlesticks and putting the pumpkins on them and using cake plates to highlight some of your collectibles. Mantels are not my strong suit and I really like yours. Thank you for sharing!

  4. kelly says

    you make a house a home! i do not generally decorate anymore with the kids gone but we have a new granddaughter so i’m sure it will come again!
    can i ask about the cherry sign? where did you get that, it is super cute!!

  5. Dawn says

    I love the suitcases Leigh Anne. Are they out all the time? They look perfect with fall decor. I’ve seen a few at thrift stores, but sometimes they stink and I don’t know how to deal with that. Keep em closed maybe…

  6. nicole says

    Love the look of it all! Mind if I ask what color paint you used on your sofa table? Looks great, even without the hardware…exactly the color I’m thinking for a sideboard I have in my entryway.

    • says

      Are we talking about the black one or the yellow one? The black one is Home Depot Behr paint called Black Suede – SH790. I primed it with red spray paint so when I distressed it the red shows through a bit. The yellow one is also Home Depot Behr paint and is called french pale gold. I can’t find the number but they should be able to look it up by the name for you. I am so in love with that piece!!

      • nicole says

        They are both beautiful but I am looking to paint mine the black. Will have to try that color for sure! When you paint your pieces, do you brush? roll? spray? I’m thinking I would like to tackle this project before Thanksgiving!

  7. Vicki says

    My youngest just left home in August for college and I too became an empty nester. I ride bikes every morning with a friend and she asked if I had put up any decorations and I replied I’m not doing Halloween this year. When I read your blog I just laughed. Needless to say I started pulling out the decorations and asked some little girls to come over and help make cookies, which we took to some elderly people in the neighborhood. My whole attitude changed. Thanks for your fun blog. Do you have any ideas for some fun care packages?

  8. Vickie says

    You always do a great job of decorating for Halloween. I loved going to your party last year – so fun! Thought I share a quick recipe with candy corn. Mix it up with salted peanuts. Yummy combination – tastes like a Payday candy bar!
    Love ya!

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