Grow Your Own Easter Grass

Grow your own Easter Grass

It’s time.

It’s time to plant your Easter grass.  Ever since my kids were little we have planted Easter grass.

It is a fun way to add some seasonal decor to the house and the Easter dinner/brunch table.  It’s simple, easy and inexpensive to do but you do need to plan ahead.

Easter is now less than 2 weeks away so it’s time to start.  Last year I shared with you the process I use to grow your own Easter grass but I decided it bares repeating.  Besides being a fun way to decorate for Easter it also makes a nice gift to give to friends or neighbors.

This year I will be giving little buckets of sprouted grass to some of my little friends so they can watch it grow themselves.

The process is easy.

Easter Grass

Step One: 

Select your container and other supplies.  You can get creative with this step.  Look around your house and garage and see what you  have.  Or make a quick trip to Goodwill, the Dollar Store or Target to pick up some containers.

Metal containers work great.   Be sure and check out the gardening section.

Regular clay garden pots work great too.  Because they have a hole in the bottom you will need some type of plastic liner in the bottom. I put the liner in the bottom of the clay pot.  That way you don’t have to worry about the water or the dirt getting out on your table.

I also like to use some of my milk glass collection to grow grass in.

In addition to a container you will also need potting soil, wheat seed and small pebbles.  If you don’t have lots of wheat stored in your garage like I do you can purchase it in the bulk food section of the grocery store.  I used hard red wheat.

Step Two:

After selecting your container  add a layer of pebbles in the bottom of each container.   Because your Easter grass is only short term, drainage isn’t crucial but I do like to add a layer of small pebbles in my containers to help with drainage.  After the pebbles fill each container with potting soil and then a layer of wheat seeds.

I filled up lots of little metal pots I had picked up at the dollar bins at Target to give as gifts to some of my little friends.

Step Three:

Sprinkle the top of each container with water (don’t drown the poor little seeds), cover with some plastic wrap and then place in a sunny window.  You will want to make sure that the soil stays moist, not wet so that the seeds can germinate.  The plastic wrap helps create a green house effect.  Give it a nice sprinkle of water every day or so.

Step Four:

Watch them grow.  This is the fun part.  In fact, it grows so fast you can almost see it!!  Here is what mine looked like just a few days after planting it.  10-12 days seems to be a good time frame to get a nice length.The amount of sunlight received will effect the growth time .

Step Five:

This year I am attaching a little tag and giving them to some of my little friends so they can have fun watching it grow!

Here’s what mine looked like on last year’s Easter dinner table.

If your grass gets too long and starts to flop over – just give it a hair cut with a pair of scissors!
Have fun watching the grass grow!

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  1. Traxis says

    Looks so great! :) Thanks for sharing this procedure.. My daughter will gonna do this tomorrow.. I love to see the fun part of it..Growing!

  2. Krobelus06 says

    I love your ideas here.. You really inspire me to use old stuff as pots.. It;s kinda cute.. :) I really appreciate that you shred this with us! :)

  3. Melanie says

    What is the timeline of life for this grass and is the plant-to-grown fruition time approx. 2 weeks? Thanks great idea to share with my little helpers who love to plant and grow

    • says

      The grass will continue to grow for as long as you water it. You can keep trimming it to keep it looking better. The growth time will depend a lot on how much sun it gets but generally 10-12 days is a good time.

  4. Jessica says

    This will make a great wedding centerpiece. I am going to plant it in a cylindrical vessel that has not center and I plan on putting an empty wine bottle in the middle with twinkle lights. Then around that a few random cocktail glasses with different heights. It may sound weird but I have a whole vision.

  5. Angela D says

    I have planted this in 12 dollar store silver pails to put on the tables at our church for Easter Sunrise Breakfast. I sure hope they grow in time. Our weather is still in the 30’s, actually 25 today, so the room I have them in is very chilly but only real sunny spot in the house. Nervously and anxiously waiting for growth! Otherwise it will be last year’s centerpieces again. 😬


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