Graduation Party Planning}The Idea Board

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One of the first things I do when planning a party, after selecting the theme, is to put an idea board together.  I usually do this on my computer.  When I find photos, usually on other blogs, of ideas I like that would work for my party I copy the photo to my desktop and then put it in a file folder I have created for that event.

That worked fairly well but a few months ago I discovered Pinterest and it has revolutionized my party planning methods!

If you are not familiar with Pinterest you really should check it out.  A word of caution though – it can become addictive.  Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard or bulletin board.  It is a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” the collections that other people you know have put together.  So now, instead of putting photos into a folder on my desktop I create a new “board” on Pinterest, title it “Nautical Party” or whatever party I am working on and when I find a photo or idea I like I simply “pin it” to my board.

If you decide to join the Pinterest fun be sure you add me as a friend.  I’d love to follow your boards.

So when I started planning our Sail Away graduation party I created a board called Nautical Party. It is a great way to organize all those fun ideas you find.

Nautical Party - Mozilla Firefox 5212011 74603 PM

I also created boards just for fun things like crafts I want to try, home decor ideas, food photography etc.  Like I said it can be a bit addictive but it is an amazing organizational tool.  Now I don’t have to hunt and search all over my computer for that idea I remember saving!

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  1. Janell says

    I’m a teacher and counting the days until vacation. I think I now have a fun new thing to do over the summer. I adore the party that you are planning for your daughter. My first child graduates next year. I’ve really been enjoying your posts on graduation. It is giving me some great things to think over for this next year…keep them coming!!!

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