Glitter Clothes Pins

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Today I have a fun and easy tutorial for Glitter Clothes Pins.  

Now I realize that there may be some of you out there that have never owned or used a clothes pin.  The day and age of using clothes pins for what they were actually designed to do is pretty much gone for most people.  Hanging the laundry outside on a line doesn’t happen much anymore.  Instead clothes pins have become more of a craft item.  You can still find clothes pins in the laundry section of most stores.  If you can’t find them there try the craft store.

I decided to dress up some clothes pins to use on my Valentine treat bags this year.  It helps keep the bag closed and it looks darling too!   It’s Multi-purpose.   You can use this idea for any holiday, theme or season just by changing your color of glitter and what you decorate the clothes pin with.

Glitter Clothes Pin

Fortunately I have a nice stash of “stuff”  I just went through my drawers and pulled out paint, glitter and whatever I had that looked Valentiney to use to embellish the clothes pins.  If  you don’t have a stash check out the Dollar Store, the Craft Store and the dollar bins at Target.  The conversation hearts worked good too!

Just a few notes:

I only painted the top of the clothes pins, where the glitter would go.

I used Aleene’s Quick Drying Tacky Glue to glue the glitter to the clothes pins.

Have fun!
Glitter Clothes Pins

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