Decorative Clothes Pins

Decorative Clothes Pins

It has become a yearly tradition at our house that my girls and I make the gifts they will give to their friends.  We like to get crafty!

Usually the list of friends they need gifts for is quite long and we don’t remember to do it until the last minute!  Because of that we have found that the gift needs to be quick and easy to make and inexpensive.  This year’s gift fit the bill perfectly!

Last year we made these darling paper covered frames.

This year I saw this great idea over at Blue Cricket Designs and I knew it would be perfect – Holiday Clothes Pins.

The clothes pins, along with a piece of ribbon, are used to display your photos and if you know any teenage girls – they have lots of photos!

clothes pin

We purchased a couple of packs of plain, wooden clothes pins from the dollar store.  A pack of 36 clothes pins was only – you guessed it – a dollar!

Amazingly enough I have lots of scrapbook paper around the house, there was a bottle of Mod Podge in the craft closet and I had a box of buttons in there too.  I have a bit of a ribbon addiction so that wasn’t a problem either.

The girl’s picked out paper that they thought their friends would like and just cut the paper to size, mod podged it on and let it dry.  Blue Cricket Designs has a good tutorial and pictures for each of the steps.

clothes pin

We used the hot glue gun to attach the buttons.  One tip though is to be sure and remove all the hot glue tails before taking a picture or giving as a gift – it will look nicer that way (obviously I didn’t do that!)

clothes pin

We also clipped them onto a piece of cardboard with the friend’s name written on the cardboard so we didn’t forget which ones were for who!

clothes pin

The girls were very thoughtful in their selection of paper for each of their friends.

clothes pin

Yikes – see all those glue tails!!

They did turn out cute though – minus the glue tails!

clothes pin

We put a set of five clothespins along with a yard of ribbon into a cellophane bag and tied it up with a bow!
clothes pin

I discovered that the best way to hang the ribbon so that the pictures hang straight is to use those little suction cups that have a hook in them.  Attach them to the window or wall and tie the ribbon to that and then clip on the photos.

clothes pin

Happy Crafting!

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    How clever you and your girls are! I’m reminded of a neighbor who packaged a product back in the early 70’s and sold it at bazaars and a local gift shop or two as the “solar dryer”…looks very similar to yours, it was a few yards of rope and a bunch of clothes pins. It was back when “solar” first became a popular concept.

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    Those turned out so darn cute! Love the idea of using the suction cup hooks with ribbon. I bet their friends are going to love them!!

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    What a fabulous idea! My daugther, 7, shares her room with our two foster daughters 2 & 2 1/2. She likes a particular actor and has pictures of him taped up. We’re always taping photos to the walls of biological family members or cartoon characters for our foster children – this will be WAY cuter!

    I cannot wait to try this! It will help break up the Pepto-Bismol Pink of the girls’ room!

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    These are so cute! I’ve made a bunch of them to use at a wedding shower and I’ll use them in the typical clothespin game, then give them out as favors after. I put magnets on the back since each person will only get one or two. My question is that I noticed that you put your designs on the clippy end – opposite to that of the site that you recommended. Did you do this to help balance things when hanging them? Just curious! Thanks for the great pics and info!

    • says

      What a great idea to use them at a shower! I’m doing a baby shower soon I’ll have to use them! The original tutorial was by Blue Cricket Designs and she put them on the other end. I didn’t like having the embellishment so close to the picture so I put them on the other end but you could easily do either!


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