Furniture Refinishing Project

Furniture Refinishing

I have a problem.

I am a project-aholic.

I love a good project.  In fact my motto is if one project is good then ten must be great. (Just ask my husband)

We are knee deep in projects at our house this summer getting ready for our Wedding Carnival.  You would think that would keep me happy.

But no, I decided I needed another project.  A project that wasn’t Wedding Carnival related.  I decided I wanted a Furniture Refinishing Project.  I wanted to repaint my family room coffee table.

We have had this coffee table for years.  I think it originally may have come from Pottery Barn but I really don’t remember.  It’s been that long.  Since there isn’t any money in the budget for new furniture right now I decided a nice coat of paint would make it look and feel like a new piece of furniture.

Here is the before photo (minus the drawers which I had already taken out.)

The big question was what color to paint it.  I could play it safe and paint it black.  I could also paint it white.  But I decided that  teal was the way to go.
_dsc0358I started out by using a brush to cover it with a white primer.  I used a primer that was meant for covering stain. The one I used was Zinsser Cover Stain.  I gave it a light sanding with fine sand paper after the primer was dry and before applying the teal paint.

This was my third refinishing furniture project. Remember this cute little yellow number?
After the primer I applied two coats of the teal paint also with a brush and let it dry for a few days. I used Behr Premium Plus Semi Gloss Enamel.  The color is called Pacific Sea Teal and it is from Home Depot.  All the products I used are from Home Depot.

I then sanded the edges a bit here and there for a distressed look. I liked the way the white primer showed through as well as the bare wood. I then applied a walnut wood finish by MinWax using a cloth to apply it and then removing the stain with another cloth in areas.


The stain gave the color more depth and I really liked the look.  It is also darkened up the bare wood that was showing through which I liked.   Just wish I had taken a before and after photo.
_dsc0324The final step was to apply two coats of  Minwax Water Based Polycrylic in a Clear Satin finish.  I actually did three coats on the top of the table since it would be getting more use.

I love it!  It just makes me happy everytime I look at it.

Of course, the very final step was to accessorize the top of the table.
I used a tray I had picked up at Goodwill earlier in the week for a couple of dollars and spray painted it black.  I used some vintage books I had found in the Goodwill Bins and a few votive holders and the cute little globe  I picked up at Michaels.  The birds  and the white milk glass piece were just moved from another shelf in the house (the birds originally came from Tai Pan in Utah) and the big glass pieces were out in my garage.  Also a purchase from Tai Pan that I had forgotten about.  Now I just need candles for them.
I love the way it turned out! I have a dresser upstairs I am dying to get some paint on but I promised my husband I’d wait until after the wedding – we’ll see…..

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  1. Stephanie says

    Your table looks beautiful! I have a question–did you use a brush to apply all of the different paints (except for the stain)? Would you use the stain that you rubbed off with a rag if you were painting it white? That technique really gives it a great look.

    • says

      Thanks Stephanie and good question. I did use a brush. I tried using a foam roller but did not like the texture it gave – I preferred the brush marks. I think I would try the stain over white. You can really control how dark or how much you want on just with the cloth.

  2. says

    Thanks for this post. I need to re-do a corner cabinet someone gave us and I didn’t know about the cover stain primer. That was the answer I was looking for.

  3. says

    Hey Leigh Anne,
    I have a question. I thought primer was to cover old paint so it doesn’t show through the new paint. Your original table didn’t have paint, so why was a primer needed? And did you need to sand it down before the primer?

    • says

      Primer does cover old paint but stain can also show through new paint. I wasn’t too worried about that in this case because the stain was light and the paint was dark enough but I wanted the look of the white showing through when I distressed it should I used the primer. I did not sand it before I primed it. If the stain had had a glossy finish to it I would have to rough that up but a bit my piece didn’t have that. I have also used liquid sandpaper in the past for pieces with a glossy finish. I also gave it a light sanding after the primer before the paint. Hope this helps.

  4. Lisa says

    I like the red with teal. I am thinking of new drapes in the IKAT teal print. I also have the red couches. Nice combo.

  5. Valerie A. H. says

    Leigh Anne, your coffee table looks really good. Love how it’s distressed just perfectly.
    Last year, I purchased a coffee table and two side tables off of Craigslist. I primed them and painted them black. The tops are wood, which I left alone. It’s amazing what paint and sometimes new hardware does for dull looking furniture.

    Also love your paint color choice.

  6. Dawn says

    I love it! I am re-doing my bedroom this summer and I’d love this color somewhere in it. Your table really came out nice looking.

  7. Erin says

    So cute! I have a few pieces I’d like to paint but I wasnt sure how to go about doing it. Now I know! Thanks for sharing. Love the color!

  8. Kim says

    Your table looks great. Thank you for telling us how you did it and what products you used. I really appreciate it because I would like to try a project like this in the future and I now have the instructions to do it. You always explain things really well and have such great ideas.

  9. Barb McC says

    I really enjoyed this post, Leigh Ann. My 80’s “country French” dining room table is really looking sad. I’m going to try your technique on the table top, which is in especially bad shape. I think I’ll leave the legs and support pieces in their original finish. Thanks for the inspiraton!

  10. says

    Hi Leigh Anne, I just found your blog via foodgawker. I can’t believe we are not blog friends yet! I love your style and recipes, and… well, everything about your darling blog. So nice to “meet” you. I’ll come like your facebook page too :) Happy 4th! Marina

  11. says

    That table came is gorgeous! I have a table I want to do over and you just gave me the courage to try something just like you did! Thanks for the guidance.

  12. Jessica says

    I bought this color to do my dresser. I haven’t starte yet. The color is gorgeous, but it is a dark teal. I was wondering is yours lighter because of the white primer underneath? I am new to furniture projects!! great job by the way!!

  13. Adrienne says

    I am just about to start a bench and want to do it in a turquoise, and I like the look of this. I was planning to use a brown glaze over the turquoise, but I see that you used stain. Do you think the stain gives a similar result? Now I am questioning which method to use. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Love the table!

  14. Rachel M. says

    I absolutely love this! I’ve never refinished furniture but have four chairs that I would like to do this with. What type of cloth did you use to apply the stain? Also, did you wear gloves? Silly, I know, but I just want to make sure that I am doing everything the right way.

    • says

      Rachel, I used an old dishtowel I think . Just something that won’t leave lint. I didn’t wear gloves because I don’t like them but if you are worried about getting your hands stained definitely wear some. The stain washes off pretty easy!

  15. Michelle says

    I am curious as to what color couch you paired your teal coffee table with. I am looking at getting a gray sectional but wondered if the teal table would go with it.

  16. Beth says

    I, too, have no money for new furniture. When I saw your table, my eyes opened wide. I am going to do it to mine. If it comes out as good as yours I will tackle my 2 end tables as well! That is a pretty bold statement since I have never refinished furniture before!! Thanks for the inspiration and directions, Leigh Anne.

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