Finding 50}Days 33-40

With the warm weather we have had here in Portland (warm but rainy) there is a lot starting to happen out in the garden.  Some pretty things are popping up!!

February 7 – Day 33

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early with our annual Beach Babes and their Boy’s Valentine dinner.  My friend April hosted this year and set such a pretty table.

Finding 50

and can I just say her herb and blueberry stuffed pork tenderloin was pretty amazing too!  I’m working on getting the recipe.

Finding 50

February 8 – Day 34

My neighbor Carmen called me to come over and see the amazing site on her kitchen counter!  Pans and pans of homemade cinnamon rolls which she was freezing and then mailing off to her children and grandchildren!  What an amazing grandma and what a pretty picture it makes!

Finding 50

February 9 – Day 35

On the way home from Carmens this sight caught my eye in another neighbor’s yard.  The gorgeous green moss on her curb growing around her hens and chicks succulent.  I am sure she thinks it is a bother but it sure was pretty that day. Living in the damp NW moss seems to grow everywhere!  She probably  thought I was crazy as she pulled up in front of her house and found me on my hands and knees taking pictures of her moss!


February 10 – Day 36

More pretties are starting to bloom in my garden.  The hellebores are in full bloom!


February 11 – Day 37

The pink dawn viburnum are blooming too – the first things to bloom in the garden.


February 12 – Day 39

and the  euphorbia wulfenii!  I love green!!


February 13 – Day 40

I helped with the theater work party lunch over at the high school on Saturday and put together this yummy and very pretty salad!  Nothing prettier or yummier than green spinach and red strawberries!  I served it with a nice lemon vinaigrette – recipe coming!

Finding 50

Well that’s my pretty for the week.  Hope you found some pretty in your week!

Leigh Anne
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  1. Sandi Proctor says

    Leigh Anne,
    Still love checking out your blog on a daily basis. I love the “pretty” entries. Makes you stop and look around alittle more often during a busy day. Have a great week.

  2. Nancy Moore says

    Day 8 the cinnamon rolls. They look so yummy! Could you give us instructions on how she does this – she freezes before they rise? I’ve wondered about this but never tried it. Also, does she share her recipe?

    • says


      Carmen explained it to me but I’ll get her to write it down and share it on the blog! I was thinking of making up a batch and sending to my college kids!

  3. MelanieL says

    The pork loin looks so good, I always love new ideas for blueberries! Love all your pretty things this week. Have a great day!

  4. Marm says

    Loved the flowers and can’t wait for the recipes. BTW, I made the lime bars from a few posts back and they were excellent. I’m already trying to think of an excuse to make them again.

  5. says

    I love how there are so many pretty things around us all the time, and sometimes it is just a matter of slowing down that allows us to recognize them!

    P.S. Small world – Clark was in my freshman ward at BYU and Logan and I had just about every class together my last couple years at BYU in the PR program. Great boys :)

  6. says

    Quit teasing us with your “spring” weather…more snow is on its way. Just kidding..looking at the beautiful photos and flowers gives me hope..spring will be here soon!

  7. Valerie H. says

    Leigh Anne, your pictures are gorgeous! Still can’t believe that the NW has
    flowers in bloom already! It’s wonderful to see what happens after winters unseen preparation.

  8. says

    I can’t believe you already have flowers blooming! We are still getting snow {though I guess you can’t expect much else from South-Eastern Idaho}! The photos are beautiful and the cinnamon rolls looks so yummy! I would love to learn how to freeze them so they still turn out good. I keep wanting to make some but my DH & I don’t need very many to be satisfied!

  9. says

    You did find some beautiful photos to share! I am so ready for a few signs of spring around here. I’ll have the camera ready and waiting to go at the first sign :)


  10. Becky says

    I’d love to know how she mails the cinnamon rolls too. Please don’t forget to post her method. I’ve got children and grandchildren who live far away.

  11. Tamara says

    Thanks for helping us see more and more “prettiness” all around us. You are doing so amazing with your pictures. . . . .another book in the making.

  12. Miranda says

    Yum! That salad looks divine. Your yard is just beautiful! So ready for the flowers to bloom here in Utah. Thanks for reminding me I have something to look forward to!


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