Finding 50}Days 19-25

It was a busy, crazy week around here .  I found I had to make more of an effort each day to find the pretty.  Think you will see a bit of a theme this week – sweet friends and family and pretty flowers.

January 25 – Day 19

My pretty kitchen calendar.  I originally found this calendar in a little gift shop in Kennebunkport, Maine one summer.  I fell in love with the beautiful flowers and have been ordering one online every year since.   Check out their website  Art  for Everyday.  I chose to show you August because I think it is the prettiest month, although they are all pretty!

Finding 50 

January 26 – Day 20

Sightings of pretty things to come in the garden.

Finding 50

January 27 – Day 21

Some pretty spring flowers from a pretty friend who came to visit.  A sure way to brighten the day!

Finding 50

January 28 – Day 22

Decorating the house with some pretty Valentine decor!
Finding 50

January 29  – Day 23

A sweet friend stopped by with this amazingly yummy and pretty treat.  She knew how much I love lemon.  Thank you Jeannena!!!

Finding 50

January 30 – Day 24

Some beautiful flowers from my sweet husband – just because!  The best reason to give someone pretty flowers is no reason.

Finding 50

January 31 – Day 25

Because there is not much blooming in the garden right now you can really focus in on the beautiful bark of some of the trees.  My favorite tree in our garden is the one in our front yard – a Prunus serrula.  The peeling red bark is amazing.

Finding 50

Have fun finding the pretty in your day this week!!

Leigh Anne
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  1. Dawn says

    Your photos this week are really gorgeous. I can’t believe how the bulbs are already coming up! We usually get a good freeze in Feb, wonder if it will happen.

  2. Valerie H. says

    You certainly found “The Pretty” this week inspite of your busy schedule.
    Very colorful! Can’t believe that you have some plants sprouting in the garden already!

  3. says

    I agree that the best reason to give someone flowers is no reason. And your post inspired me to drop by my friends’ houses more often. I think I’m gonna work on that! Thanks for sharing the pretty of your week!

  4. MelanieL says

    The lemon treat looks divine! I share your love for lemon!! I’m hoping to get something lemon flavored from a coworker who has been asked to bring something in for my birthday tomorrow! Here’s to hoping:)

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