Finding 50}Days 105-111

A crazy whirlwind week – a 25 hour round trip car ride to Utah for graduation, celebration of boys’ birthdays in just four days, got Cali off to London and a neighborhood potluck dinner at our house!  Crazy but oh so fun and there was lots of pretty involved!

April 19 – Day 105

I so love this flowering bush in my garden.  It is huge -probably 15 feet high and it looks amazing with all its giant snowball flowers on it!  First they are this lovely shade of green and then they burst out into big, white, round snowballs!


April 20 – Day 106

A single beauty in a vintage milk bottle – so pretty!  Even doing dishes is a pleasure when I get to look at this while I do them.

Finding 50

April 21 – Day 107

A pretty and delicious way to eat strawberries, dipped in Tillamook Vanilla Bean yogurt and brown sugar – yum!  Of course everything tastes better when it is served in a pretty bowl.

Finding 50

April 22 – Day 108

Nothing is prettier than a photo with all six of these faces in it!!


April 23 – Day 109

A double celebration day – Happy 24th Birthday Clark and Happy Graduation!  What a treat to graduate from college on your birthday!

Graduation - Finding 50

April 24 – Day 110

A little taste of summer – it’s coming!  Strawberry shortcake – a pretty amazing dessert.  Thanks to neighbor Shari for making it!

Finding 50

April 25 – Day 111

The lilacs are blooming and they smell amazing.  Pretty flowers in pretty blue jars make for pretty table decor.Lilacs


Make it a Pretty week!

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  1. Megan says

    I think it’s so great that you are documenting your year in photos of the prettiness that surrounds you. It can be so easy to overlook the beauty that is near us everyday. Are you planning to print your Finding 50 photos into a book when the year is done?

  2. Dawn says

    Leigh Anne,
    Lilacs are my favorite flower. Are those your lilacs in the last photo? I love the white touches on the purple. Not your typical lilac. My mom and I are thinking of going to the lilac festival this weekend in washington. Have you ever been?

    • says


      Those are a french lilac – I think the name is Splendor or Splendid. I haven’t been to the lilac festival but h ave heard it’s wonderful – let me know how it is if you go!

  3. says

    These photographs are just stunning! It’s supposed to snow here on Wednesday, so I think I’ll be looking at them again to cheer myself up. 😉
    It was so fun to meet you at the Expo this weekend. You are even more beautiful in person!

  4. Lisa says

    Leigh Anne –

    I LOVE the pictures of the lilacs in the blue jars! Where did you find the jars? They are SO adorable and fresh-looking!

    • says

      The red dress came from the sale room at Anthropologie last year. You might be able to find it on ebay though – I’ve bought several great Anthropologie pieces off ebay for good prices!

  5. Deborah Pantano says

    What a beautiful family picture! Children grow so fast. Congratulations on your son’s college graduation! You must be very proud – not just of Clark but of all your children. Is Calli on a mission trip or a study abroad? How exciting for her! Maybe she’ll bring home something pretty from London and you’ll show all of us. How cool would that be!

    • says

      Deborah, Cali will be on a theater based study abroad program through BYU. I am actually going to join her for her last week there and I hope to bring home lots of pretty!!!

  6. Janette says

    Leigh Anne,
    We were in Utah this weekend too for my son Chad and his wife, Ashley’s graduation- so fun! I wanted to ask you about the white snowball flowers you took photos of. What is the official name and do they need sun or shade? They are really fun looking and I am wondering about adding them to my garden…thanks! Love your photos and the idea of putting them in a book.

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