Favorite Things 60th Birthday Party

This last weekend we were invited to a Favorite Things 60th birthday party/retirement party for a dear friend.  We have been friends for over twenty years.  We met when she was Logan’s first grade teacher.  Every parent should be so blessed to have their child have such an amazing teacher.  We were twice blessed because she was also Clark’s first grade teacher.










Then we moved and the girls didn’t have the opportunity but we have remained friends over the years and Tessa and I were so excited to be able to join in the celebration!

What a celebration it was.  It was a party lover’s dream.  Anne’s children had coordinated and put on the party and I definitely think her daughter Paula needs to go into the party planning business because her attention to detail and creativity is amazing!  I just wish I had taken my camera to the party so you will have to do with IPhone photos but I just had to share all the party fun!!!

The theme for the party was all of Anne’s favorite things.  She has some fun favorite things.
Vingelen Party
There was a table set up for each of her favorite things.

Anne is a M & M lover so there was a whole table devoted to M & M’s.  The yummy looking doughnuts covered in M & M’s came from the Portland landmark doughnut shop – Voodoo Doughnuts so Tessa and I had to share one!
Vingelen Party
I loved the big M & M balloons that were hung behind the table and the M & M banner on the front.

Anne’s next favorite things are the Oregon State Beavers so there was an orange and black table dedicated to them.
Vingelen Party
I was loving the orange macaroons.

Next we had the lemon table as Anne is a girl after my own heart and loves lemons too!
Vingelen Party
I of course had to check out the lemon bars and loved the fact that they were on a bed of lemon jelly bellies.

Anne also loves anything and everything red, white and blue so there was a table dedicated to her favorite color combination.  I think this may have been my second favorite table (favorite table coming up!)
Vingelen Party
I loved Paula’s attention to detail and this table was a great example. Everything looked like it came out of a magazine and was almost too pretty to eat!!
Vingelen Party
I need to get me some of those red and blue lollipops for the Wedding Carnival! (They are from Target, I asked!)
Vingelen Party
Those cute vintage Cracker Jack boxes are also from Target.

The next table was dedicated to Anne’s love of coffee and was full of lots of coffee flavored treats as well as treats that go well with coffee.
Vingelen PartyMy favorite table was the next one.  Anne was turning 60 and celebrating her Silver Jubilee just like Queen Elizabeth who is celebrating her 60th year as Queen so there was a British themed table.  It was darling.
Vingelen Party
Everything British!
Vingelen Party
Even a throne for the Queen!
Vingelen PartyThe last area was the main food area and this area was dedicated to Anne’s many years as a teacher so of course was school themed.

Vingelen Party
Vingelen Party
As each guest left they could take a little container of M & M’s.
Vingelen Party
The amazing thing is Paula, Anne’s daughter, planned this party from her home in New York City and then arrived in Portland a few days before and pulled it all together including baking most of the treats herself.  And on top of that she is expecting her first baby in a few months!   A girl after my own heart.

What a fun party and celebration for such a special lady.  We are so glad we could be a part of it and be there to celebrate with you Anne!!
Vingelen Party

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  1. Anne says

    Loved all the pictures, Leigh Anne. It was so great having you and Tessa there! I loved all the notes your wonderful kids wrote to me!!

  2. says

    I love the ideas that were done for Anne’s party and I’m glad you shared them. She is my next door neighbor. Do you know where they got the macroons? They had them like that in France but I haven’t seen them like that here. Paula also talked about a place where you can rent some of the things for this party. Do you know the name of it?

    • says

      Bonnie, It was such a fun party and how lucky you are to be Anne’s neighbor. Paula told me where she got them but now I don’t remember – sorry. The place she rented things is called Something Borrowed.

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